Monday, October 20, 2008


So the walk was yesterday and it was a great day. It started off a little cold but ended up being a nice day for a walk. We had tons of people come out and support our team and as you can see to the right how much our team raised.

Sean got a red cap for being a survivor and so did my dad. Sean also signed the survivor wall it was so precious.

I am so proud of everyone involved and I know all of us will truly make a difference. Next year we get our own tent how awesome is that. I hope next year to even raise more money and more awareness.

Next year hopefully we will be able to get some corporate sponsors, and pediatric stroke awareness pamphlets too.

Our team shirts looked awesome as well. I hope to make more awareness through out this next year and to get more people involved and on our team to help make a difference. It just sucks because when I send info the media or newspaper NO ONE responds. How do you get them to respond?

I know there are many people out there who care and right stories about our precious little ones so that is what matters as long as there is awareness and people are listening it doesn't matter if it is my story or someone elses. I just want to make sure NO ONE else has to go through what we and many others are and have gone through.
Again THANK YOU to all of you who sponsered Sean and TEAM BIG STEPS FOR BABY STROKES.


mandy said...

Hey I was hoping you could help answer some questions for me.. I have a little boy that was just diagnosed with CP and is a right hemi, my email is, thanks it is much appreciated

Amanda said...

Cute new look Erin!! If you want to remove that little box in the upper left hand corner (the free backgrounds box), send me an email and I'll tell you how too! :)

Erin said...

Thanks Amanda. I will, I can not see it here at work for some reason all I can see is white, so I am glad it is cute.:)

rachael said...

wow, it sounds like the walk was a great success! i love that 1st picture, just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Good work that you are doing. As to your question on how to get the media involved I have found that you have to go personally and greet them. Find a writer/reporter and specifically meet with them and tell them you need help and would like a story written. You might go to a newsroom or call for an appointment. Seek out a specific name and get a relationship going. It has worked for me in the past if I just inform them of a story it is rarely covered.