Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Innocence is Sean not knowing what he is going through and or been through. But knowing that whatever the future may bring him we will not let anything or anyone take his innocence away from him.

Imagination~ this is one quality more adults need to have and incorporate into there lives. Sean is the most imaginative person I know. He can play and have fun with whatever is in front of him. His latest is bringing each letter of the ABC's to us and telling us not only the letter but the color too. He knows all of his letters except N and Z are either always both N or Z (depending on his mood and the M and W are the same way)

Never giving up~ how many times have you tried something and stopped because you thought you couldn't do it. I watched Sean this weekend try to jump over 25 times and finally figured out how to do it.

New things~ When was the last time you tried a new food, or did something you have never down before. Quite awhile right. Sean gets to try new things every day and/or every hour.

Odds~ Beating the odds that is, Sean has come a long way already and I know he will continue to achieve great things and amaze us along the way. Being a preemie, suffering an in-utero stroke, the closed lip schiz, the rh cp, and the seizures. He is defintely a little boy who is going to keep on beating those odds.

Compassion~ Hearing I love you is great but hearing I love you too ie Mommy, Daddy is wonderful.

Excitment~ Sean is excited about reading books, watching Einsteins, playing outside, drawing...what excites you each day.

Not afraid of anything~ how many of us have fears, if it is heights, or insects. My toddler has no fear and I respect him for that.

Capture~ capturing the moment of true innocence is what I did this weekend.

Everything and everyone~ Knowing everything, every aspect, and everyone loves him in and around his life. With love everything else will fall into place.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My new camera

Well I got my mothers day present this weekend. I finally picked out a digital camera I wanted. I have taken several pictures on it this weekend and so far I love it. I am still learning all of the new stuff on it compared to our old one. Here are a few pictures I have taken on it of Sean.

I can't wait to be able to understand and use everything on the new camera other than taking basic pictures.

It does have a feature that everyone needs to be smiling in order to take the picture which is nice cause sometimes smiles are not easy to capture.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Potty time- Sean went potty on the potty

We had quite a weekend...... Sean went POTTY on the POTTY.

We have just sat on it for months and months and he finally went on it. He was walking around and we thought he was going to go poop. So we asked him if he had to go potty and he said yes and went up stairs to the bathroom and actually went potty.

We were so excited and proud I think we scared him and then he got a hershey kiss.

Who would ever think one would be excited about peeing on the potty but it was a great day and made us all smile.

So I am sure you are all very excited to see a post about peeing on a potty for the first time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I went to the HEMATOLOGIST

So I went to the hematologist and he reviewed my dads, and Sean's blood work and he said that he is pretty sure just by the blood work of both my father and my son that I have the same blood disorder.

Sean's protein c and protein s levels are low and are considered a def. he said he tested me for both of those (hopefully will get the results next week)

He said if I do indeed have the protein def. I can not be on birth control, and most likely my ob will send me to a high risk ob the next time we decide to get pregnant and that I would need treatment for the blood so I won't clot as easily.

He told me there is no way to increase protein levels and that if I do decide to get pregnant again the next baby may have the same blood disorder. He mentioned that he didn't think this blood disorder or def. alone caused Sean to have the stroke but it could put him at risk later on.

It just makes me so emotional knowing that there is a chance that this could happen again, and it is not fair for anyone to go through this.

We are still waiting to get to see the pedi hematologist still.........................

Monday, May 12, 2008

After a long days work

Today Sean was a patient at Loyola medical school for a resident who is wanting to pursue pedi. neurology. He did pretty good. He was all over the place but the resident did very well with a 2 year old who doesn't like to sit still at least until this moment:)

We then went to toys r us and we picked out a doodle pro and a new book about counting and colors. After that I had to go to the doc because I wanted to get my blood levels tested. So I talked with the pedi neuro. while waiting for the resident and he told me to have my primary send me to a hematologist.

So I went into the office and explained everything so she gave me a referral and also had to follow up on my fall last week.

I couldn't write about it and it is still hard now one handed I fell on the cement at work on Thursday. My heel got stuck and I hit my chin, my hands, my knees, the top of my shoe and landed hard on my elbow. I went to the ER, even more embarrassing and they took x-rays. No I didn't break it just really sprained it and they also gave me a tetanus shot.

Well I had a reaction to the tetanus shot and now have to go on antibiotics. My arm is starting to protrude out and is all red and itchy. So she gave me meds for that, a referral to the hematologist, and have to come back in a week. This is short and sweet and typed the best a right handed girl could do with my left hand. I had mothers day all weekend since I can't cook, clean:)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Goodbye PACI..... Sean's a BIG boy

So we did it, we made it, and Sean is a BIG BOY. Last picture we took with the paci from a little while ago.

Wednesday night we decided to take the paci away from Sean. He was only using it at night and for naps. Wednesday night was a little rough, he cried for a little while but then fell asleep.

Thursday for nap and night he kept asking for it and we said paci's are for babies Sean is a big boy. We made it through the night again.

Friday night he asked for it once and we told him he is a big boy and he went to sleep.

LAST night he did not even ask for it. So he went to out of sight out of mind. I hope:)

The seizure medication is going well we are now up to 3 ml twice a day. Today is our fist day at the full dose. So far he is doing good other than refusing to nap so I need to make this short and sweet.