Sunday, May 18, 2008

Potty time- Sean went potty on the potty

We had quite a weekend...... Sean went POTTY on the POTTY.

We have just sat on it for months and months and he finally went on it. He was walking around and we thought he was going to go poop. So we asked him if he had to go potty and he said yes and went up stairs to the bathroom and actually went potty.

We were so excited and proud I think we scared him and then he got a hershey kiss.

Who would ever think one would be excited about peeing on the potty but it was a great day and made us all smile.

So I am sure you are all very excited to see a post about peeing on a potty for the first time.


As told by her mom, Sandy... said...

Lol! I so understand your excitement over what may seem like little things but they're actually HUGE!!! That's awesome and I can't wait until Maddy does the same!

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! Wow. Avery's just been sitting on the potty for about a month. Supposedly she's gone once at school, but never again. I think I'd freak her out if she went too LOL!