Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Obama

Dear Obama,

I am suppose to hear back today if I will be able to come to lobby day and help make a difference about Pediatric Stroke and raise awareness about Pediatric stroke. Please keep your fingers crossed.

I know if I can not Sarah will go and make a difference for all of us and our little ones. But I would really enjoy seeing you, DC, the white house, and doing my part and making a difference and help other families from having to go through what a lot of us have been or are going through.

More to come!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


For those of you interested in learning more. Here is a website about the lovely theratogs. We should get them sometime next week I hope.

Here is more info on what Sean will be wearing

And a picture:) Although I don't see him smiling this much while wearing it but we will see. He will have to wear it 24 hours a day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Day January 20th, 2009

What an emotional and inspiring speech from our President Barack Obama. I got to watch it on CNBC today at work.

We also got the news that our THERATOGS are finally on there way to us. Can you believe it we only ordered them back in October, October 8th, 2008.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogger Award

The Fabulous Blog award
My first ever Blog Award, thank you so much Jessica for thinking of me. WOW.

The deal is that I have to list 5 addictions that I have...

1 - Playing Candyland Castle Game with Sean (it is his new addicition too) and it is on clearance at Target for $2.49
2 - Scrapblog (my new fav. Site)
3 - Blogging
4 - Diet Coke
5 - Shopping

Now, I have to nominate 5 blogs that I think are FABULOUS:
It is hard to only choose 5


Preschool and Early Childhood Updates

I know I said I would post yesterday but I didn't get home until late last night and I was exhausted so I am sorry for those who have been waiting for my updates.

Update #1

I got a call 2 mins before I had to leave to go to Sean's IEP meeting at the school stating we got into the 3 year old preschool that we have been on the wait list for before he was even born yeah. We start March 9th. I will get a packet today or tomorrow and go in next week or the following I think to meet his teachers, the director, and go over all of the paperwork. We are so excited!

Update #2

His IEP went very well, I went in there thinking Sean may not qualify. Well sit down and scream he QUALIFIED:) We are beyond happy and excited. It is really going to be hard for us to pull this off but we will see how it goes and call in sick some days if we have to.

It is a 5 day program school is from 9:05- 11:35. He is going to start February 9th. Which works out good because his 3 year old bday party is the day before and I was planning on taking that day off.

He qualifies under: Other Health Impairment- under seizures, mild cp, stroke

He is going to be getting OT, SPT, and Social Behavior help and Coping help.

Now as to how we are going to make this work I am not sure.

There are a lot of Fridays that they don't have school, I am thinking of telling them he may just not come on Fridays. But when I asked what happens if we can not come every day they told us to just call in those days. Anyone else know how this works?

I didn't ask if he can only go certain days because there was so much going on it was overwhelming first off and there were 10 other people in there besides Patrick, my SIL and me. We met his main teacher and she seems really really nice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 day to results of evaluation at school

So tomorrow is the BIG day we get the results of Sean's evaluation from the school and we will find out if he qualifies for early childhood services or not.

My gut feeling is that he will not qualify. In many ways this is something most parents want to hear, hear that there child is doing what the should for there age or are doing more than there age can...... I would be happy to hear he is doing GREAT but I know the reasons why he IS doing so well.

We go to therapy 4-5 times a week. That is a lot of therapy that is 5 hours of therapy a week 20-25 hours a month that is A LOT. When that is reduced to 2 hours or 8-10 hours a week will he still keep up? That is my biggest fear. Everything we have done since 6 months old till now will he regress or become behind?

In Sean's tiger tots class (it is a class of karate/tumbling) you can tell he does things differently or has a harder time doing certain things. Therapy is helping with this but how will it help if there is no therapy he can get?

As you have read in my previous post we will not be getting PT or SPT once he is 3 which is oh by the way 27 days away. Only a few visits away. The reason we can not get them through where we go now is because of the wait lists. Crazy Crazy Crazy

We are also still waiting to hear about the preschool situation and they told me I should know more this week sometime.

I will update tomorrow after the meeting when I can. My SIL is coming with Patrick and I she used to be a special ed teacher so she knows what a lot of the terms mean so that will help.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anyone know how to make a blog header?

If so do you want to make one for me or help me?

I need to spice up my blog:)

Not to much to report yet

We don't know much about the evaluation because Patrick and I were in a room with the school psychologist to answer questions while he got evaluated. Everyone mentioned how much of a ham he is and how well he looks and did.

When we got home the school called and she said that they didn't see anything that Patrick and I mentioned during the evaluation he was very cooperative. We mentioned that he is different with adults (which only adults were there to evaluate and all of them wanted his attention compared to a group of kids where he needs to fight for attention. The school is going to call the DT therapist and talk to her about everything and we go back next Wednesday to go over the results.

So we will see what they have to say, but I am even more concerned now he may not qualify based on what they saw for the hour they were with him.

He doesn't know how to play well with kids, he pushes, cries a lot. He loves to play with adults because adults put him more at ease he knows what to expect.

He has space issues having kids in his space, and not knowing space boundaries of others when he plays.

He has sensory meltdowns, and has really come along way with all of his therapies the 5 we go to a week...... how could we go down to none?????

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So much to say and not a lot of time

So much to say and not a lot of time. So I can not believe the day is almost here the day Sean gets evaluated by the school system. I am so nervous (because I know he needs the help, I just hope they see it too)

Our evaluation is tomorrow morning at 9. Not sure if I am going to come in afterwards or not depends on how long it goes.

This week we found out that once Sean turns 3 his therapists can no longer come to daycare for the visit so not only will he be getting less therapies because of insurance some of the therapies we will be put on a waiting list. Yes a waiting list.

We will be put on a waiting list for PT, and SPT since we would need either after work or weekend hours. The list ranges from 9 months to 1.5 years~, that is insane and something I didn’t even realize would happen.
Next we found out that we are #1 on the preschool wait list we have been on forever but still may not get in until September! We will no more details by the end of the week so I will post more about this later.

I am in the mist of planning Sean’s 3rd Birthday I can not believe he is going to be 3 where did my baby boy go? He is now a little man, going potty on the potty from time to time. Taking his clothes on and off……..

Lots of emotion going on right now………………………………………………………