Friday, January 29, 2010


So I have a few questions for bloggers out there, what is the deal with stuttering? Why do kids do it? When did it start for you? When did it stop? And how do you stop it?

Sean has been starting to stutter it has really only happened in the last few weeks. At first we didn't think anything of it but now he is doing it more and more.

I am concerned because is it a sign that something else can be wrong in his brain function or is it just stuttering?

A few people that I have talked to said it could be either. We are waiting to hear back from his speech pathologist from school and a private speech pathologist that specializes in stuttering.

Then after this started he threw up a couple of nights ago for three nights in a row. The scary thing is that it only was happening at night.

I spoke with his pediatrician and he told me not to worry that sometimes kids go through development differently. However everything I look at online about stuttering is that it starts around age 2 or 2.5 and ends by 4.

Sean is about to turn 4 in a week and half.

Am I just be crazy about this or should I push back?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing at McDonalds

So today Sean is off of school and he wanted to go to play at McDonald's we went and of course it was crazy because every child is off of school today and wanted to go play at McDonald's.

We were playing just fine until some older kids came and were running all over the place not caring if they ran into the little ones they just pushed them out of the way.

Sean got pushed and pushed hard he fell down and then one of them put his foot on Sean to move up to the next level. Sean was screaming and crying for help. I went and helped him, sure I looked like an overprotective mom for going up the tree house to the next landing to get my child to make sure he was okay.

He is fine more scared then anything. The worse part is the older kids did not say sorry or ask if he was okay but were laughing at him for crying and that his mommy needed to save him. At that point we decided to leave because it was not worth risking them to push him again. BUT the absolute worse part is there MOTHER was there and witnessed the entire thing she was right next to me and she did not ask if he is okay or say sorry for the way my boys acted or yell at them that they need to be more careful. I bit my tongue because I wanted to say your boys are to old to play at McDonald's in a little kid tree house. Some people need to teach there children better manners but I guess in this case the apple didn't fall to far from the tree.

Sean was so upset he cried himself to sleep which he normally NEVER takes naps any more. Poor guy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Now the waiting game

So I went to the ob today just for my normal check up and he said I am sure I will hear from you soon. Told me to call once I find out and they will check all of my levels and probably put me on progesterone just like last time and than I will get the 17P shots weekly for most of my pregnancy. Now just waiting till test date and AF comes or not. But enjoying the wine and trying to just have fun and relax.

According to my temps I am on DPO 4, AF is due around the 22nd so I am going to try and wait to test until after AF is due. The temps should tell me something hopefully too.

My mother in law was asking tonight when another one will be coming we haven't shared that we are trying with many people so this is where I can write about it. I have a hard time keeping secrets, but I am trying too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking a hurtle and plunging in

So we have decided to start trying for another baby. I know I didn't know when this day was going to come but I am finally not as scared and nervous as I have been since we found out about Sean's stroke and everything else.

So I am on prenatal vitamins a million times more prescription folic acid on top of the prenatals per the high risk ob. Once I get pregnant I will be put on blood thinners to for extra precautions and will be seen by both the regular OB and the High Risk OB. A little more reassuring.

So hears to a new year and new me and not letting myself worry to much and have fun in the making!

Anyone else scared out there? We are about to turn our lives upside down and this picture is so cute of Sean and makes me laugh every time. He was at my aunts house waiting to go sledding! Sean will be 4 years old a month from today I can not believe he is almost 4. He needs a little brother or sister and now that he has less therapy we have to take him to. We take him to two where before it was five and now he gets the other three at school.

And I want to go to nursing school but I have a few more classes before I can get into the program so I would rather have a baby before I get into the program instead of waiting until after which the programs can be either 2-3 years!

So cheers to 2010 and baby making good news:)