Monday, November 16, 2009

Swine flu= Positive

So Sean swine flu test came back positive:( Please pray that he will not end up in the hospital.

Now if we can get some sleep tonight to mommy and Sean will feel better I think.

Fevers suck maybe H1N1

So I got home from work on Saturday night, changed out of my scrubs, and went to go give Sean a kiss, and he said "hi mommy I missed you" (at 11:30 PM) mind you he was put to bed around 7:30.

He was burning up so I took his temperature it was 103.1. Gave him some Tylenol and water. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Yesterday all day he had a fever and the meds would make it drop and then come right back up. I worked again last night got home around 11:30 PM and he was awake and awake all night he just fell asleep for me around 7:00 AM this morning.

It is going to be a long day and I can not wait to call the ped when they open. He has a fever, running nose, cough, and not himself something is going on, I just hope it is a cold and not the actual swine flu!

Still no seizure study results either hopefully I will get those today too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on the sleep deprived EEG

Well we made it through a very long night and day. Patrick woke Sean up at 2 AM and at 4 AM I got up and finished giving him his bath.

He feel asleep for two seconds around 5:30 AM and we left the house around 7:00 AM got some bagels to eat on the ride down to the hospital. We got there about 8 and left around 10.

He was a little antsy at first but we got him to fall asleep and we got a good hour of reading his brain activity. The tech did tell us she saw activity and I was telling her how he had a stroke before he was born and that he has a whole in his brain too. She asked was it on the left side and I said yeah. The activity is on the left side now we just need to wait for the docs to read it and tell us what we do next.

We will probably have to add a second medication.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seizures, Seizures, Seizures GO AWAY

So Sean as you can see from my title had more seizures this past week. He had 3 with in 36 hour period and they were a little different than his usual ones we have seen.

Two of them happened at school and one at home. His eyes rolled to the back of his head which they have never done before. It totally scared EVERYONE who saw them his aid, teacher, and me.

I called the neuro and they had us come in on Thursday the seizures happened Tuesday and Wednesday. We can not figure out anything that triggered them he is not sick no fever, cough, sniffles, nothing, hasn't had a growth spurt not sleep deprived.

We are nervous because of the new feature of his seizures the eye rolling. He is on trileptal right now of 4 ml twice a day and now he is taking 5 ml twice a day.

He has lost a couple of pounds since the last visit which he is just thinning out, his neurological exam was the same as last time which is good news.

We have to take him in for a sleep deprived EEG this Tuesday. We have to put him down to bed at 7:00 tomorrow night and wake him up at 2:00 AM and keep him awake until all of the leads are on his head. How are we going to do this and how I am I ever going to sleep again.

I got a part time job at the nursing home which I am excited about (that is another post) and have to work tomorrow from 3-11 PM and than have class Tues night 6-10 PM and work Wed 3-11 PM, class Thurs 6-10 PM and Fri AM I take my state boards test. Sat I have my Math test and I am working 3-11:0)

Life is definitely chaotic right now. I am stressed out.... to say the least!