Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling leaves and autumn fun

So this week the weather has been beautiful it has been in the 60's so it is actually FALL weather. A few things Sean and I have been working on. Sean loves all of the falling leaves, jumping in them, walking on them to hear the "crunch", seeing the wind move them all around.

He also loves feeding the ducks and geese which we got to do the other day at the pond. Today we went to a pumpkin farm and it was great because it was before school got out so there was no big kids around.

We went thru a hay maze, a corn field maze, and much much more. I have been enjoying all of the extra time I have with Sean while I am still home.

I finished my first nursing class now I just need to sit for my board exam on November 13th. So I have been studying for that as well as my math class. I have a math test on Saturdays.

Tomorrow we are going to carve, decorate his pumpkin. More pictures to come! He picked out a Pirate Mr. Potato thing for his pumpkin I am sure it will turn out cute! Sorry for the lack of blogging but between school and therapies and all of the fun stuff in between we are very very busy!

Sean is now only going to go to PT once a month and OT every other week besides the OT, SPT, and Social worker at school so that will free up more of our time too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So fall is a GREAT time of year I love the fall. We get to play outside with out freezing or sweating most of the time right. But here in Chicago FALL can be different every time.

It has been so cold we have had to use our new HEATER already. At least today it is 60 degrees outside right? Here are a few pictures of Sean from over the weekend. We are so busy for the rest of the month and I feel as if I never have time to post.