Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tball, and more

So Sean started Tball a few weeks ago the first game was a little rough but with each game he is getting better and better.

It is so hard to see him run after hitting the ball and fall down. He always gets himself up but I wish he didn't have to fall down either. We are waiting to get his new AFO turbo where we can use it as an AFO or an SMO.

Dr. G. wants us to wear the AFO when he is active which for a 4 year old boy is 100% of the time he is never not active or he never sits still.

We are back to getting PT weekly because of the falling as well. It just stinks that every time he has a growth spurt he gets pushed back the damn strokes fault.

He has to wear dual SMO's right now until we get the new turbo but it will be a few weeks, and he has to wear an AFO night time brace. We have to bribe with stickers and ice cream to get him to wear it all night.

Other than that Sean is doing great we are about to finish this session of swim lessons and we start a new one next Monday but they are moving him up to levels because he can do everything he needs to. He is going to be with 5 and 6 years olds. We had to get special permission to move him up since he is not old enough. We are so proud of him.

As for the baby and I we are hanging in there. I see the doctor every two weeks because I am high risk and I get my shot every week.

We just had an u/s and my cervix is still long, thick, and closed at 4.6cm which is great news. I go back to Loyola for another my f/u u/s on the choroid plexus cyst on her brain in less than a month! I just pray that it is gone.

Until next time here are a few pictures of our little girl.