Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taking a hurtle and plunging in

So we have decided to start trying for another baby. I know I didn't know when this day was going to come but I am finally not as scared and nervous as I have been since we found out about Sean's stroke and everything else.

So I am on prenatal vitamins a million times more prescription folic acid on top of the prenatals per the high risk ob. Once I get pregnant I will be put on blood thinners to for extra precautions and will be seen by both the regular OB and the High Risk OB. A little more reassuring.

So hears to a new year and new me and not letting myself worry to much and have fun in the making!

Anyone else scared out there? We are about to turn our lives upside down and this picture is so cute of Sean and makes me laugh every time. He was at my aunts house waiting to go sledding! Sean will be 4 years old a month from today I can not believe he is almost 4. He needs a little brother or sister and now that he has less therapy we have to take him to. We take him to two where before it was five and now he gets the other three at school.

And I want to go to nursing school but I have a few more classes before I can get into the program so I would rather have a baby before I get into the program instead of waiting until after which the programs can be either 2-3 years!

So cheers to 2010 and baby making good news:)


Amanda said...

YAY Erin! What great news! I hope everything goes well for you guys...making the baby is half the fun right?!

You know I'm nervous, but I've really had to let myself go this time around. I'm trusting in God, because that's all I have. I find comfort in the fact that nothing could have been done to change or prevent Leah's stroke (although at some point, I of course that there is something we will be able to do in the future to prevent them)...I have no control of this situation so I just have to trust that I'm doing everything right and everything I can do to make sure everything is ok.

Good luck!!!

Jo said...

Congrats Erin! Sending baby dust to you and your husband! =) We're (almost) at that point as well; Hubby and I both want at least one more. While we hope and pray for a healthy baby, we half joke that we wouldn't know what to do if we had a "normal" baby. I mean, what would we do with all our time if we weren't running to therapy and doctor appointments? Haha.
Anyway, I wish you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy brother or sister for Sean. Good luck!