Thursday, January 15, 2009

Preschool and Early Childhood Updates

I know I said I would post yesterday but I didn't get home until late last night and I was exhausted so I am sorry for those who have been waiting for my updates.

Update #1

I got a call 2 mins before I had to leave to go to Sean's IEP meeting at the school stating we got into the 3 year old preschool that we have been on the wait list for before he was even born yeah. We start March 9th. I will get a packet today or tomorrow and go in next week or the following I think to meet his teachers, the director, and go over all of the paperwork. We are so excited!

Update #2

His IEP went very well, I went in there thinking Sean may not qualify. Well sit down and scream he QUALIFIED:) We are beyond happy and excited. It is really going to be hard for us to pull this off but we will see how it goes and call in sick some days if we have to.

It is a 5 day program school is from 9:05- 11:35. He is going to start February 9th. Which works out good because his 3 year old bday party is the day before and I was planning on taking that day off.

He qualifies under: Other Health Impairment- under seizures, mild cp, stroke

He is going to be getting OT, SPT, and Social Behavior help and Coping help.

Now as to how we are going to make this work I am not sure.

There are a lot of Fridays that they don't have school, I am thinking of telling them he may just not come on Fridays. But when I asked what happens if we can not come every day they told us to just call in those days. Anyone else know how this works?

I didn't ask if he can only go certain days because there was so much going on it was overwhelming first off and there were 10 other people in there besides Patrick, my SIL and me. We met his main teacher and she seems really really nice.


* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

That rocks!!!! I hope Sean will LOVE school. Logen does so well watching other children, that's a hobby of his- people watching! haha

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Oh, yea- I gave you a blogger award. I posted it on my blog.

Erin said...

Thanks Jessica, I am not sure what that is?

Popcorn House said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad that he qualifies. It gives me hope that Sammy will too in 14 months!!!

I kept checking in all day, of course you are busy!!! But I was thinking about you all day.

Chele said...

Erin that's an awesome update! I'm so happy for you guys.

Rachael said...

yay, what wonderfully fantastic news!!!

Christine said...

YAYYY that is GREAT News!! I'm so happy for you guys :)
PS: Thank you for the blogger award :)