Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Obama

Dear Obama,

I am suppose to hear back today if I will be able to come to lobby day and help make a difference about Pediatric Stroke and raise awareness about Pediatric stroke. Please keep your fingers crossed.

I know if I can not Sarah will go and make a difference for all of us and our little ones. But I would really enjoy seeing you, DC, the white house, and doing my part and making a difference and help other families from having to go through what a lot of us have been or are going through.

More to come!


Chele said...

I hope you got some good news yesterday. I grew up in Virginia and had many field trips to the DC area so I can understand you're wanting to see the sights while you push for your cause.

Anonymous said...

My fingers, toes and EVERYTHING are crossed that you get to go to Lobby Day! Not only for my own selfish reasons, but because I know you would make an amazing advocate for IL.