Monday, May 12, 2008

After a long days work

Today Sean was a patient at Loyola medical school for a resident who is wanting to pursue pedi. neurology. He did pretty good. He was all over the place but the resident did very well with a 2 year old who doesn't like to sit still at least until this moment:)

We then went to toys r us and we picked out a doodle pro and a new book about counting and colors. After that I had to go to the doc because I wanted to get my blood levels tested. So I talked with the pedi neuro. while waiting for the resident and he told me to have my primary send me to a hematologist.

So I went into the office and explained everything so she gave me a referral and also had to follow up on my fall last week.

I couldn't write about it and it is still hard now one handed I fell on the cement at work on Thursday. My heel got stuck and I hit my chin, my hands, my knees, the top of my shoe and landed hard on my elbow. I went to the ER, even more embarrassing and they took x-rays. No I didn't break it just really sprained it and they also gave me a tetanus shot.

Well I had a reaction to the tetanus shot and now have to go on antibiotics. My arm is starting to protrude out and is all red and itchy. So she gave me meds for that, a referral to the hematologist, and have to come back in a week. This is short and sweet and typed the best a right handed girl could do with my left hand. I had mothers day all weekend since I can't cook, clean:)


Anonymous said...

Aw, Erin! I'm so sorry you're injured. Not fun at all. Looks like the pedi neuro intern totally tuckered Sean out! Busy day. Hope you can relax a bit this week!

Erin said...

Thanks Sarah, we need to get together some time soon and have our little ones play:)