Sunday, May 4, 2008

Goodbye PACI..... Sean's a BIG boy

So we did it, we made it, and Sean is a BIG BOY. Last picture we took with the paci from a little while ago.

Wednesday night we decided to take the paci away from Sean. He was only using it at night and for naps. Wednesday night was a little rough, he cried for a little while but then fell asleep.

Thursday for nap and night he kept asking for it and we said paci's are for babies Sean is a big boy. We made it through the night again.

Friday night he asked for it once and we told him he is a big boy and he went to sleep.

LAST night he did not even ask for it. So he went to out of sight out of mind. I hope:)

The seizure medication is going well we are now up to 3 ml twice a day. Today is our fist day at the full dose. So far he is doing good other than refusing to nap so I need to make this short and sweet.


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Sandy said...

Hi! I saw you page on Avery's page and I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. While my little one did not have a stroke, she does have some unexplained differences in her brain and I can totally relate to the "unknown" frustrations you are having right now. I feel like we did a year of testing only to waste my time, gas, money, etc... because we don't know jack.

But c'est la vie and I've just learned that I have to focus on my daughter because worrying about that stuff really gets to me. And more importantly, it gets in the way of my happy times with her!

I wish you all the best and I hope that little Sean keeps doing well. He has gorgeous eyes BTW... they're such a pretty shape.

Take care,