Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Innocence is Sean not knowing what he is going through and or been through. But knowing that whatever the future may bring him we will not let anything or anyone take his innocence away from him.

Imagination~ this is one quality more adults need to have and incorporate into there lives. Sean is the most imaginative person I know. He can play and have fun with whatever is in front of him. His latest is bringing each letter of the ABC's to us and telling us not only the letter but the color too. He knows all of his letters except N and Z are either always both N or Z (depending on his mood and the M and W are the same way)

Never giving up~ how many times have you tried something and stopped because you thought you couldn't do it. I watched Sean this weekend try to jump over 25 times and finally figured out how to do it.

New things~ When was the last time you tried a new food, or did something you have never down before. Quite awhile right. Sean gets to try new things every day and/or every hour.

Odds~ Beating the odds that is, Sean has come a long way already and I know he will continue to achieve great things and amaze us along the way. Being a preemie, suffering an in-utero stroke, the closed lip schiz, the rh cp, and the seizures. He is defintely a little boy who is going to keep on beating those odds.

Compassion~ Hearing I love you is great but hearing I love you too ie Mommy, Daddy is wonderful.

Excitment~ Sean is excited about reading books, watching Einsteins, playing outside, drawing...what excites you each day.

Not afraid of anything~ how many of us have fears, if it is heights, or insects. My toddler has no fear and I respect him for that.

Capture~ capturing the moment of true innocence is what I did this weekend.

Everything and everyone~ Knowing everything, every aspect, and everyone loves him in and around his life. With love everything else will fall into place.


the schirano triplets said...

what an absolutely heartwarming and sweet post!

Mommy07 said...

Love the post and the pictures, what an adorable, amazing, sweet little guy you have- keep up the good work mom =)

Bird said...

children are amazing aren't they? I have often said that Charlie defied the odds because he couldn't understand the doctors. He didn't know he wasn't supposed to make it, so he did! Children should be an inspiration to us all, right?