Monday, June 9, 2008

Doc follow ups and more

Well we have been super busy and I haven't had an opportunity to post in awhile. So I have a lot to catch up on.

First we went to the pedi neuro for our follow up appointment it went pretty well. We discussed the seizure meds, how he is doing, acting, and about his brain not being connected (closed lip schiz).

The neuro said that Sean will most likely have to be on seizure medications for the rest of his life. Between the stroke, and the closed lip schiz he doesn't see him growing out of the seizures. He said it may happen but in his past history children with both a stroke and the closed lip schiz usually stay on them for life.

He also said that Sean's brain can not reconnect on where it is apart now and that he will monitor him closely. He said unless he has another seizure we can come back in six months for a check up.
Second, we went to the eye doc for Sean. Although his right eye is still weaker and when dilated both of his eyes cross. They are better than they were six months ago. She said if they do not get better within the next 6 months we will need to do both the patch and glasses.

Third, we are waiting to hear from the pedi hemos office on when and who we will be seeing to follow up on Sean's blood work. Both mine, and my parents levels came back normal for protein c and protein s. The pedi neuro thought possibly that it could come from Patrick or he may need more time on getting his levels higher but he is sending us to the pedi hematologist to see what is going on for sure.

Enough about docs right. I feel like most of my posts are about docs, appointments and etc.

Sean, Patrick, and I played outside a lot this week and weekend and Sean loves every minute of it. Every time I hear him laugh, I smile, every time I see him smile, my heart melts, every time I see him do a new thing, I get stronger.


Sarah said...

Hey Erin. How are you guys doing? Dogding the rain?? I met with Amanda from our AHA this week and she mentioned your name--I was like, "I know her!" I totally forgot you were doing the Heart Walk up here. We should get together. Maybe next year we can combine forces (and teams) and go gangbusters on the pediatric stroke awareness front! Well, have a great weekend.

Erin said...

Thanks Sarah we should team up together! How are you doing so far?