Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 updates for April 14th

So there are a lot of things I need to update everyone on. So lets start.

1. Sean switched from OT Aquatic Therapy to PT Aquatic Therapy

2. His PT is thinking his POLLYWOG'S are not doing the trick anymore and we may need to do a night brace, a DAFO, or a jump start brace. We go next Thursday to the clinic to decide and try things on. So for those of you who have these please help. His right foot, ankle, and hamstring are REALLY REALLY TIGHT and he is FALLING A LOT

3. I am going to DC for Lobby Day on the Hill with American Heart and Stroke Association in 5 days and I can not wait

4. I am going to an all night BINGO game with my mom, cousin, and aunt this weekend.

5. Sean is doing very well with PT. He has gone over a 100 times and has really only wet a few times. He is telling me he has to go and he is going poopy on the potty to!

6. I make top loin pork roast and cheesy potatoes tonight and SEAN actually ate it and it was ACTUALLY good, I never made it before. I seasoned it with Garlic and Parmesan.

7. I reorganized my pantry and some other kitchen cabinets today and now I can actually find things:)

8. Sean is now only drinking out of a big boy cup no more sippy cup, no lid, just a cup

9. Sean decided he no longer needs naps. I love the extra time with him, but he is not ready to give them up. He is so crabby if he doesn't nap.

10. Patrick and I celebrated our anniversary last week but still need to make a date night and go out for dinner.

11. I need a new book to ready any suggestions I just finished the Twilight set

12. I order a new desk and chair today with my transition bridge American express card from Allstate today

13. I hate behavioral interviews

14. What is a behavioral interview question you have been asked. Let me know all the ones you know. Thanks


Ellen said...

Hi! We've never had a behavioral interview yet, so I will be curious to hear.

I miss aquatic therapy, Max did it when he was really little. I think it's so good for him. Maybe we should do it again!

Cheesy potatoes: Mmmm.... Need to make that for Max, he would love and he needs fattening up. Me, not so much. :) Got an easy recipe to share?

Amanda said...

Sounds like a lot going on!!

As far as the AFO, Leah wears one on her left foot and an SMO on her right. They are Cascade brand and they are helping her so much!!!

Have fun in DC!!!

sarah said...

Happy anniversary! How long have you guys been married? Definitely get out for that date! :)

Have you considered botox for his hamstring? The leg is really easy because it's pretty painless and they can do it right in the clinic (at least ours did)--it's the hand and arm that they need to be put under for. Anyway, maybe something to think about. You get a really good 3+ months of stretch and it works wonders for Avery's mobility and therapy.

therextras said...

Very funny. Using PT for potty training. I've been called worse. And just this week made the same comment on a post mentioning that a young sibling declared the occupational terrorist is here!

Cascade is my favorite brand, too.

And while sleeping in a brace has some effect - standing and walking in a DAFO (Cascade brand name) is best for influencing good gait and good alignment.

Jen said...

Great updates!! And, Congrats on the potty- that is soo great (we are no where near it!) lol