Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 things to catch up

Well we have been super busy lately and I feel I have so much to catch up so I am going to talk about 10 different things that are new.
1. Neuro visit yesterday went pretty well. He thinks Sean has sensory integration (sp) issues and we are going to start DT to help with behavioral and social skills. Cognitively he is ahead of where he should be:) So my little guy is VERY SMART:)

2. Sean can count to 3 in Spanish uno dos tres not only is he smart but bilingual. He counted the three little bears in Good Night Moon

3. We got to meet Sarah and Avery and Amanda and Leah this past Sunday. They are both so cute and amazing. We got to meet the daddies too.

Avery, Leah, and Sean at the stroke picnic

4. Sean had his 2.5 year old check up and is 36 inches and 35 lbs, big boy for a former preemie

5. Sean jumped and played hopscotch tonight

6. We went and spent the day out with Thomas not to long ago and Sean loved it. He got to ride on the Thomas train and get a PERCY and THOMAS tattoo

7. Sean's favorite book right now is From Head to Toe and acting out all of the actions

8. Sean was so tired tonight he was falling asleep during dinner but still wanted to play with Thomas instead of going to sleep.

9. Sean is finally warming up to Vitus and interacting with him better

10. My body hurts from working out the last couple of days. So at least I know I used some new muscles:)

Sean decided to give Avery a hug


Sarah said...

Those pictures crack me up! BTW, love the new blue blog! Sounds like you guys are busy. I'm so glad the neuro appointment went well. This has been a crazy summer, hasn't it? I'm so ready for the long weekend!

Amanda said...

Sounds like things are going well! The pictures are so cute!! We've got a bunch of good looking kiddos! :D So nice to meet you guys! Let's get together soon!

Christine said...

That looks like a FUN day!!! :) I wish we all lived closer..I don't think we have picnics like that in our community. So cute :)