Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TheraTogs, Ortho Inserts, and Sensory Brushes

So we had Sean's reassessment meeting last night. He is doing rather well he is still a few months behind in most areas and mostly because of the right sided hemi. cp. and his low muscle tone and strength in his hips and stomach. He is also in toeing still with his right side and is fisting a lot while doing harder things again.

So Sean is going to start to where theratogs 24 hours a day when we get them. We won't get them for a month or so because it goes through EI to order them. It will be interesting to see how he is while we try and put him in this. Here is a picture and a link to there website.

Enhances proprioceptive input by automatically providing joint compression through the torso and hips.

Adds postural and hip stability without strapping.

Simplifies the TheraTogs donning and doffing process for patients who only need to address issues of stability, balance, and staggering gait caused by ataxia.

We also need to address his sensory issues and we are starting the sensory therapressure brushing idea with deep brushing of arms, legs, hands, back, feet.

And last but not least we have flat feet and in toeing so we need to put in
orthopedic inserts basically these big blue things in his shoes. I don't have a picture of them and can not remember what brand they are ordering him but then we need to go to stride rite and by him a new pair of shoes. Hopefully we will find some that fit with the inserts because he already is wearing an extra wide shoe.
Tonight a developmental therapist is coming to verify and reassess Sean to make sure they did not miss anything. Wish us luck with accomplishing that. Sean has been a typical two year old these days with lots of No's, mine's, and no mommy or daddy you bad. Not sure where he got that from because we don't say you bad. We say we don't do that we play nice. 2 years can't live with them but can't live with out them either.


Amanda said...

Wow, the theratog looks interesting. I've never seen that before. You'll have to keep us updated if you see improvments.

We use one of those sensory brushed for Leah. She responds well too it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sounds like everything's going well and the therapists are being really proactive. Avery's been wearing the theratogs during therapy sessions since March or April and they've made a HUGE difference. (Oh, and she just wears the lower half under her clothes--not the top part.) Oh, and are they ordering the Theratogs for your own personal use?? We were told they cost like $600 so we'd have to use the ones from EI during the sessions.

Sean will definitely benefit from the brushing too. It's crazy how a little bruch can do so much to stimulate the neurons below!

And Avery has an insert in her "good" shoe while she wears the SMO on her "bad" foot. If you can't find any at Stride Rite, check out www.NBexpress.com. That's where we got Avery's shoes and they allowed us to buy two separate sizes/widths and everything. Good luck!

Christine said...

Hi Erin and Sarah if your reading this. I ave noticed lately that Gabi-when lying on her stomach-will kick out her right leg and rotate her hip until she is sitting upright and it is obvious she hadn't intended to do so. For example, she will he drawing and lying on her tummy while doing so then "fling" her right leg slings back and around. I have called out pysio and am going to see her soon regarding this but thought maybe the two of you would be able to offer advice. Does this sound like Ataxia or something that would benefit with the use of a theratog? I'm not trying to self-diagnos but it's really worrying me. It only happens when she is concentrating on something other than crawling, walking. She tends to do it allot while trying to go to sleep. Has this ever happened with Sean or Avery?

You can email me at cbracaglia@gmail.com if you would like or post a note on my blog if you are able.

Christine said...

Hi again Erin, Sorrryyy I did write an initial comment before the "inquiry" post. I just realized it wasn't posted :(

I wanted to say that it really does seem like everything is going well with Sean and it is great to hear that the therapists are being so proactive .. I am glad you have shared this information because it offers others going through physio some additional information and therapies that we may or may not have been offered as an option.

I look forward to reading the updates with the theratog.

Anonymous said...

I think TheraTogs are an excellent tool. I appreciate reading parent reports on using them with their children. Thank you, Barbara

Mommy07 said...

Hey- I haven't posted in awhile, hope all is well with lSean, he is getting so big!

Kerry, Christopher, and Carter said...

I'm glad things are going well with Sean. That's great that he's doing so well and he's just as adorable as ever.

I use theratogs with the girl I nanny for, for hip support. She has CP and they are so easy to use and such a great tool to have.

Sandy said...

Hi Erin! I've been catching up on Sean's progress and I must say, he's as cute as ever.

I hope that YOU are doing well too.

I am off to check out theratogs... why haven't I ever heard of that??!!