Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Appointment set for Perinatologist

Well I finally decided I am ready to make an appointment with a perinatologist.

Since Sean was a preemie, the stroke, the hole in his brain and everything else my OBGYN and I decided it would be best for Patrick and I to have a consult before we are pregnant.

So I have some questions to ask already but I have never been to the peri and I know I will not be able to think of all of the questions I should ask.

My main one is I wanted to make sure we have done everything and every test to make sure that this won't happen the second time around.

But please help and let me know which questions I should ask.




jag said...

Well, I'm just useless here. Sorry hon, but I am praying.

Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

How early was Sean? Daniel was born 5 weeks early but we were told that it had nothing to do with his stroke... I'm not 100% convinced, though. Anyway, have you asked for genetic testing for you and your husband? Some people apparently have a clotting disorder and don't even know it, and it can cause the unborn baby to be at higher risk for a stroke.
We've had the testing done, and everything came back negative. There's no proof, or any indication, that Daniel's stroke was caused by something at birth. But like you, we want answers for the future so that we can help any siblings that Daniel may have to be born safely. Anyway, I'm praying for everything to go well at the appointment!

Amanda said...

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes. I just wrote a REALLY long email to one of the top high-risk OB-GYNs in the city(He is a friend of mines father), asking him a whole bunch of questions. Nothing specific so I can't really help you there--but I basically told him that I want to make sure I exhaust every single option of finding out why Leah's stroke happened and once I've done every test and seen every doctor then I'll really know it was a "fluke". Then at least I can have some peace and know I did everything I could when we get pregnant again!

When are you going?

Live to love and laugh said...

I really don't have any advice or questions but just wanted to let you know I am thinking and praying for you and Sean.