Monday, July 6, 2009

Cutting the lawn with daddy

So Patrick went outside this weekend to cut the grass and Sean said Mommy I want to go too.

We got dressed and he had to wear his fireman hat too. His grandma bought him a bubble blowing lawn more.

Sean told me he needed a lawn bag just like daddy..... luckily I had a brown paper bag from Jewel he could use to for it.

He helped daddy cut the grass and pick up sticks. Sean amazes me daily with all of things he can do and is learning.

He is amazing with how much he can do and everything he has overcome in his life this far. Here are to many many many more amazing things to come.


Kiera Beth said...

So wonderful to see!! I love the photo montage! He looks great!

Ellen said...

Go to it, Sean!!! Those pictures are adorable. I know just what you mean about Sean amazing you daily, I feel the same about Max. I wish they could hang out!

Chele said...

LOL! He's so darn cute!

Jean@Yardworkerz said...

Such a cute kid you got. Nice lawn too.