Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I need $$$$$ to start growing on trees

So we met with a Dr. G yesterday and found out that the braces Sean has the AFO, and the SMO's are not doing it for Sean. The AFO is causing bruising around his leg and he is still falling a ton.

We were told he needs to get bilateral custom made smo's and a custom made night splint for his right side.

We also found out this past week that he needs glasses which we spent $219.00 I can only imagine what we are going to have to pay for all of these braces.

But we have to do them it is something he needs even if we don't have all of the money to pay for it since I am still unemployed. More on that to come.

Thanks for letting me vent and freak out about money. Then again who doesn't freak out about money.

Here are a few cell phone pictures of him trying on glasses. We should get his glasses later this week and we also get casted late this week too.


Live to love and laugh said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have looked and looked for a money tree but can't find one. If I find one I will be glad to share. :)
Hang in there.

Ellen said...

Hey. He looks so handsome in glasses. But, yes, serious money drain....

Erin, I can't believe you didn't get those Subway vouchers! I just emailed the woman handling them, she should be contacting you at the hotmail email you had given me to send her--


Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

Ouch, I'm hurting just thinking about that! Sorry to hear about the expenses. But oh my goodness, Sean is too darn cute in those glasses! That alone just about makes the cost worth it, right?
Anyway, do you have a Shriner's Hospital near you? If so, give them a call! They usually do bracing and such for free, particularly for children under 8. Goodness knows the "experts" don't seem to realize that the rest of us wince at the thought of shelling out $700+ per brace! I hope things get easier for you guys soon.