Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm

So my mom has been having some back hip issues. So she has been to all of these different types of doctors. I went with her yesterday and we found out that her ANA was positive.

Well my ANA is positive to and the doctor said that it is passed down through pregnancy and could potential cause problems and that both of us..... especially me should get tested further. I made an appointment with him and told him about how Sean suffered a stroke. He said most likely Sean's ANA could be positive to and that could be why is protein levels were so low. We never found out why they were low.

He said that a positive ANA can mean a lot of different things and is not saying this is why Sean had a stroke. But it has definitely peaked his and mine interest in doing further testing on me to see what is going on.

I had my ANA tested well before Sean was conceived and even before we were married. I had mine tested back in 2001 when I was having a lot of issues and it was right after my grandma passed.

They did some basic tests back then and everything can back in normal limits except for the ANA and now they have a lot more tests they test for when a positive ANA comes up.

So this is my things that you make you go hmmmmmm. Got to go make dinner!


Kay said...

HI Erin! I do not know if you remember me from Fertility Friend. I was just thinking about you and looked up your blog. I know you are an advocate for your child,and I was wondering.. some friends just had a little one who had a stroke in utero... where can I send them online for good information and support??? Besides here of course!!

Chele said...

Definitely one of those things that make you think hmmmmmmm. I would be interested in what you find out.