Monday, May 3, 2010

Appt with a high risk peri

So we are all set for our first appointment with the high risk peri. They called us and scheduled it for June 1st. We will be going every 4-6 weeks for an u/s and to watch the brain development because of what happened with Sean and the closed lip schizencephaly. We will be going to Loyola where the peri I will be seeing has actually seen this on an u/s before.

The first hour and half will be with a geneticist and the next hour and half will be an u/s and hopefully after they tell us everything is okay we can find out if it will be a little boy or a little girl.

So far things are going pretty well, I have lost 10lbs thanks to being so sick the first three months but now that I am almost 4 months I am feeling much better.

I did the NT u/s and blood work and I am a little nervous about my down syndrome numbers but the doctors told me to not worry about them now because we will be doing another test at 17 weeks and we can go from there.

My NT u/s results were 1.2mm which are good.

My trisomy 13 and 18 were 1:19.501

My down syndrome 1:424 ( every where I have read people have 1 in 10,000, or 1 in 2,000

But I am just going to relax, breath and wait no matter what we will love the child the same it is just nerve racking.

I know some people have odds of 1:100 or less but with Sean my numbers were much higher.

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Chele said...

Those statistics are evil! ++++ vibes for a great Peri visit.