Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1st Day of school, 1st day on the school bus

So life has flown by and it is crazy my little baby boy is truly a big boy now. Not only is he 3, he also started the Early Childhood Special Education Preschool this week.

Our first day was on Monday I brought him there and stayed with him the whole time. He played with purple play dough and rolling pins, and heart cookie cutters for Valentines day, played on the computer, decorated his Valentines day party bag while using glue sticks and stickers.

He got to enjoy reading time with the librarian, music time, snack time, and gym. He got to go to circle time, wasn't to sure of it at first but then they gave him a sensory cube chair and put his felt star on it. He sat and listened and did not fidget to much. Sean's symbol in the class is the yellow star. So his name is on everything with the yellow star so he knows where to hang his coat, put his bag, where is name is, and his spot at circle time is.

He also got to go to gym when I was there where they all go to ride trikes, bikes, big wheels, cars, and wagons. He loved it. He rode a trike a green one:) The first day Sean barely spoke at all just pointed to things.

Every time I left the room he cried which was to be expected. We came home and tried to take a nap but he wouldn't. We then had our 3 year old check up at the doc. He is 37 inches and 37 lbs. He grew 2 inches since 6 months ago but weighs the same. He did well

On Tuesday it was our first day going to our neighbors who is helping us put Sean on the bus in the morning. We played and than I helped put him on the bus. We climbed on and he was excited they put his safety vest on and buckled him in. Sean looks at me as says mommy you sit by me and come too. I melted, holding back the tears I said I can't because only boys and girls get to ride the bus. He began to cry and they had me get off the bus. He cried almost the whole way to school. I cried too.

Yesterday at school he did great the teacher said but today went much smoother all around. This morning at our neighbors he asked for me a couple of times but didn't cry when she said mommy had to go to work. He went and played with her kids which helped. He than got on the bus and he said wheres mommy and cried a little bit but didn't cry the whole ride today.

I picked him up from school and they said he is doing great he really warmed up and was talking non stop:)

Tomorrow is his Valentines day party and they suggested a parent come if they can to the party Patrick is going to go since I have to work. So overall it has been a great transition.

I will say he is so tired from school at daycare he runs when it is nap time to go to sleep and he can barely stay awake after 7 in the evening. He told me he loves school and his new friends it is so sweet.

Here are some pictures enjoy:)
First day before we left
Walking to the bus
Sitting on the bus

His Bus


Popcorn House said...

So cute! Love the pictures. Glad things are going well, he looks so little sitting on the bus!

Amanda said...

Oh wow, I was totally in tears reading about how he was sad to go and asked you to sit on the bus with him. :(

But I know as a teacher, it will only get easier and better! It sounds like it already has! I'm sure he is just adorable at school and his teachers must love him!! Glad things are going well...and I hope for many more happy days at school for Sean!!!

Oh and those pictures are great!

Rachael said...

he looks so sweet sitting on the bus! i am glad things are going well and that sean loves his new school!

jag said...

I really enjoyed reading about his first day of school. I'm a teacher and it made me miss it so much. I love being home with the babies, but making the special name cards and assigning places is a sweet memory. Glad he's settling into a routine.

Chele said...

What a big boy! I too loved the pics and enjoyed hearing about his week. Glad the transition is going well and he likes his school and new friends.

Andrea E. said...

I love the pictures of him geared up for school. They were so cute. I'm glad he did so well and hope he is enjoying his Valentine's party!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Sean is so cute and proud of himself.Wow, he has come a long way.