Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kidz a Connection for Inspiration

I came across the most amazing and wonderful website for parents of children with special needs. It is so inspirational and wonderful you all need to go check it out and add it to the blogs you keep up with and read.

Not only is it a wonderful heart warming blog, you can actually win stuff for yourself or your little one!

So please go read and or share your story!

She is trying to raise awareness about special needs and special kids. Thanks!

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tara @ kidz said...

I'm so glad you stopped by and liked the blog (it's still very new, so I love feedback)! Thank you for helping to spread the word as well.

I read on your sidebar that your son had a stroke in utero and seizures. I don't know if you read my daughter's story (click on her pic in the right sidebar and it will take you there). Anyway, stroke in-utero is one of the possible causes. She also has seizures. Anyway, it is always nice to 'meet' someone who knows somewhat of what you're going through.

I'd love to share you story if you're willing! Let me know.