Friday, February 13, 2009

We are in Chicago Special Parent Spring Magazine

I am so excited. I found out Sean's picture will be in the Chicago Special Parent Spring Magazine, a copy is being mailed to me today and the public gets it in about 7-10 days. I am beyond excited.
A couple of things I mentioned about being a special need parent made it in too. I AM SO EXCITED if you can not tell:)

I will post more when I actually get the magazine but here is what is out there now:)

How we do it- Share your best tips or advice for raising a child with special needs.

"MY BEST tips and/or advice is to raise your child with love, compassion and patience. Having a child with special needs is just a label to me. To me, my child is the strongest little boy I know and he makes me stronger each day.
"I know he will accomplish great things and do everything and anything other little boys do. All you can do is let them try to do things and most of the time I am amazed on how quickly and easily he figures out how to do them."

Erin XXX

This is the picture they are using:) or one very close to this. I sent it in a long time ago and they only print twice a year so I am super super super excited!


Chele said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! I love that pic of Sean.

Erin said...


Rachael said...

that is awesome, congratulations! what a cute picture!

Amanda said...

Way to go Erin!! That is fantastic!!!!