Friday, June 19, 2009

Dressed in style for the pool

So Sean LOVES the pool this year. He can not get enough of it. It is almost like his sensory issues with the pool did a 180.

Last year he wanted to go in the water but didn't want to get wet so all he did was cry and if anyone splashed him he freaked out. This year he runs, sits, blows bubbles, goes down the big slide, the little slide, goes under, jumps into the water all by himself. He is much more confident and can not get enough of the water. He loves the water falls. He likes to jump into the water through the water fall, loves to splash and get splashed.

He says again again and again for everything it has to do with the water and this year when we have to go home is when he cries this year. I only have a few pictures of him because I can not take my camera in the water near the water fall and we go when DH is at work. But here are a few in his pool gear.

Oh we got goggles this year so he can look under water it is too cute. And he loves to take a shower before he gets to go in the pool. I remember HATING that part when I was little. I am just amazed on the difference.


Popcorn House said...

What a big boy! So glad that he loves the pool!

jag said...

I hated the pre-shower too! I think it is absolutely wonderful that he's enjoying the water. It must be so cool for you to see the change and watch him enjoy something that once frustrated him.

Chele said...

LOL! Sean is so cute!

Andrea said...

He looks so cute in his swimming gear. I'm glad he is loving it this summer.

Christine said...

aww good for you Sean!! Way to go~ what a great summer you guys are going to have!! :)

Ellen said...

Max was the EXACT same way! Now he loves the pool Such cute pictures!

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