Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sean fell and hit his head on the cement

So Sean has fallen a lot lately and it is starting to make me nervous.

On Monday we played at the pool with Amanda and Leah, which was LOTS of fun. Sean wanted to play on the park afterwards and was climbing up the mountain climber and fell off and hit the back of his head. He was fine, he acted fine all night and the next day,

On Tuesday at school I get a call from the nurse and I said uh oh what happened. Sean fell on the cement and has a bump on his head, arms, knees.

Tuesday afternoon he got home and we went and saw the doctor I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. He checked him out and all is fine just a few bumps and bruises.

Yesterday he kept grabbing on to me or other people to catch his balance. Well this morning I looked at him and his one leg is a little longer than the other. The doctor and therapists told me this could happen especially since the stroke sometimes the effected side could grow slower. So now we get to do the stretching he loves oh so much (I wish) even more times a day.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday you can only see the bump/bruise on his forehead. It is smaller than it was the day before, the day before it was protruding from his head. And we are also waiting for an SMO for his right foot the effected since the AFO is causing bruising around his leg:(.


Popcorn House said...

OH NO! Samuel's affected side is shorter too. Only 1/2 cm right now. What our doctor did was put a lift on his SMO to even out the two sides. Let us know how everything turns out once you get the new brace.

Keep us posted, seems like you guys have had crazy things going on lately!!! I will be thinking and praying for you guys.

Kerry, Christopher, and Carter said...

Oh no poor little guy. He looks like he's having a great time though despite the bunk on his head and it only adds personality. :) Hopefully, the stretches help lengthen his shorter leg and help with his walking.

jag said...

Aww, poor Sean. Poor Mama. You guys hang in there. Hugs and prayers!

Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

Ouch, poor Sean! He seems like a tough little guy. Daniel hasn't had the length problem in his leg (yet), but I swear that his left (involved) arm is shorter than his right. We're also going to try some extra stretching to see if we can even things out.
In the meantime, maybe it's time to invest in a hockey helmet for Sean. =) I jokingly made Daniel wear one after he got a particularly scary bump on the head earlier this year.

Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

PS - I forgot to ask, is Sean going to wear the SMO with the AFO, or just the SMO alone? I ask because Daniel had an AFO with an SMO that fit into it for a short time when he was a baby. I'm just trying to get an idea of the different options that work for different kids. Anyway, I hope the SMO works well and gets rid of the bruising!

Blythe said...

Poor Sean!

Chele said...

Ouchie! Poor Shawn. He's still as cute as can be. I hope the stretching helps.

Amanda said...

Ohhh poor guy!!!

Since Monday, I've noticed that Leah has been falling A LOT too!

I hope Sean is feeling ok!

Andrea said...

That poor thing! He can't seem to catch a break. On the bright side-it looks like he is LOVING the water. I love the new look of the blog. Very summery :)