Saturday, May 15, 2010

I can not believe I am 17 weeks already

Wow has time flown by I can not believe I am 17 weeks already. It is crazy how fast this is going:) The only thing going slow is waiting to go to the high risk peri and know that things are okay and we are having a healthy baby and if the baby is a boy or girl. Only 17 days to go!!!!

I go to my regular OB this week and will be starting the progesterone 17 P shots. I am sure that will be lots of fun, but whatever will hopefully help keep the baby in longer I am game for.

I have not gained any weight as of yet I am still down 8 lbs..... I know the weight will be coming though:)

I am feeling flutters all of the time and I have felt two kicks so far which is nice and reassuring.

Until next time the count down continues............................


jag said...

So exciting! The shots aren't too bad, once you figure out the best spot. My mom got that job when I was pregnant. She was actually better at it than the nurses once I was hospitalized! The trick is, don't rush it - that stuff is super thick and takes a sec to absorb.

Erin said...

Thanks so much. I get my first one a week from today. I am nervous because I know it is GOING to hurt. But anything that will hopefully keep the baby in as long as possible is worth it.