Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 6 and Day 5

So I was to busy to post yesterday so I apologize. We are finishing all of our wrapping, and a few last gifts I must admit. I feel as time has flown by this year with out a lot of time to shop, wrap, and decorate.

One thing I have made extra time for is remembering and reflecting back on this year just seeing how much we have changed, how much Sean has changed.

Not only changed but how FAR he really has come. He can jump, run, skip, dance, walk up and down the stairs, go potty on the potty. He will take a bath with some bubbles, play in sand, walk on grass, go under water in the pool, can do a somersault with help of course, pump his legs on a swing, put together a puzzle, say his ABC's, colors, count to 20. He can have a conversation back and fourth with us, he loves to read and be read to, says thank you, I love you, your welcome, gives kisses, blows kisses. Loves to ride his tricycle in which he can actually reach the pedals, will climb to the top of the slide and go down all by himself. Yeah I know this is short and to the point but my little baby is now a BIG BOY. He tells us daily that he is a big boy and tonight he just showed us again by going potty on the big boy potty.

Enjoy your family as much I as I enjoy mine.


Anonymous said...

He really has gotten big! Isn't it amazing how far they can come in a quick little year? Our B-3 people reminded us that Avery couldn't even crawl at this time last year. CRAZY. Hope you guys have an awesome holiday!!

Erin said...

Thanks Sarah you too, I hope you enjoy your new house too:)

rachael said...

it is quite awesome isn't it? to see just how far one little one can come in 12 short months... have a happy holiday!

Amanda said...

It's amazing how far he has come! He's doing just great...I love to hear all the wonderful things he can do, it gives me so much hope!

Happy Holidays! Stay Warm!

Popcorn House said...

Me too. It gives me great hope to see him do all these wonderful things. Keep the videos coming. I love to see how fluid his movements are! SO AWESOME!