Friday, December 5, 2008

Eye Doctor Appt and other worries

So we have to take Sean to the pediatric eye doctor tomorrow morning. I am nervous because I have a feeling she is going to say we need to do the patch and glasses. I hope I am wrong because he has already had to go through and do enough already for a 2.5 year old. We have gone every six months to get his eyes checked. This past time they were a little better than the time before but still not where they need to be. Of course it is his right eye that is weaker, poor guy.

Any ideas on how I can make wearing a patch fun? I plan on incorporating pirates some how and making it fun but not sure how he will be with it. Like I said I hope we don't need them but my mommy instinct is telling me different. However I hope it is wrong. I will update after tomorrow mornings appointment.

My next worry is from what happened at 2 am in the morning/night last night this morning. Sean went to bed like normal woke up at 2 am SCREAMING HIS HEAD OFF saying "Don't take my toys away" and "I want my little people house, don't take my toys away"

I am not sure where this is coming from. He was sweating, screaming, hitting, kicking, breathing heavy. Both Patrick and I went in to his room and he told Patrick not you not you and mommy stay here with me don't leave me.

Broke daddies heart and melted mine. I sent Patrick to get a sippy cup of water to help settle down by sucking which worked but he kept crying and hyperventilating until almost 2:30, finally back asleep by 3:00 and than mommy went back to her room to try and fall back asleep.

The only thing I can think of that made this happen is that Sean fell asleep early and we had a crazy night and forgot to give him his seizure medication. I know I am the worst mommy ever for forgetting but we have so much stress in our life right now it is crazy. Stress needs its own blog:)


Sarah said...

Ugh, girl, I'm so sorry. Maybe he's sensing the stress and coupled with the seizure meds, it made him a little off last night? Poor guy. I know Avery's really been sensing our stress with moving and everything, so I'm really trying to relax and stop stressing out. Easier said than done! Hang in there!

Erin said...

Thanks Sarah. It is just so scary and now I am blaming myself for the rough night

Christine said...

Hi Erin,

Awe poor Sean what a scary nightmare it sounds like he had.. I agree with Sarah probably just the busy night and becoming more aware of individuality. I've read children have almoist irrational fears of losing things when they realize that they are individuals.
Re; patching fun.. I've googled my brains out on this one.
There are a variety of patches to help making them fun. You can order Patches that Sean could color before wearing, or Ortopads has a variety of fun designed patches that could be fun for kids. Gabi and I just use plain patches, she only went through a brief phase of not wanting to wear it but we started early so she may think this is just the way it is. But what I find it sometimes we put one on her doll and she likes her patch even more. Or I let her choose when to put it on. Like I will say can we put your patch on now and she will say no and so I say okay I'll put it here and you can put it on when you want to. Then usually 5 minutes later she brings it to me and asks me to put it on. Just let them feel in control of the pacth and the struggles will diminish.
Best of luck at the eye doctors tomorrow.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any :)

Popcorn House said...

My boys are right in between Sean age. Joseph (just turned three) has been having nightmares once or twice a week lately. I don't know why, we aren't really stressed here lately. But I think he is just at a need more love and reassurance stage.?! So we let him sleep on our floor when he wakes up, then he goes right back to sleep. One night he kept saying "Spiderman will save me mom." Don't feel bad about forgetting his meds. I feel bad all the time for "forgetting" to put on Sammy's brace. We are human and life happens. You are a great mom!!! Good luck at the appointment keep us posted.

Chele said...

Erin it may also be night terrors. Some kids have them some don't, but usually they aren't caused by anything he did, ate or what's going on. There is no rhyme or reason for them. My nephew had them and my oldest son had them. The good news is that they both outgrew them.

Ellen said...

Hi. Hopefully, it was just a nightmare! What happened Friday night? I also Googled and found this DVD about making kids comfortable with wearing eyepatches, it looks pretty cool! It's called The Eye Patch Kids.

Here's a link with some fun patches to buy and an article on making kids comfortable wearing patches:

Barbara said...

Good luck at your appt. As for the eye patch thing I don't know what might help if he ends up having to go that route. Would it help if you wore one too? Sorry but I have no idea what to suggest.

I'm sorry you had a rough night. I hope it was just a one time thing. Don't beat yourself up about the meds - no one is perfect. You're doing your best.