Sunday, November 30, 2008

The letter L

So I was given the letter L from Lori so here it goes. I need to name 10 things that start with a letter L.

1. Lions- as my little lion

2. Lilies- one of my favorite flowers
3. Ladybugs- love them for luck

4. Ladders- which Sean wanted daddy to find the other night while we were at Portillos for dinner because he wanted a house down that was up on the shelf.
5. Little People (fisher price) Sean is obsessed with the little people

6. Lightening McQueen who as Sean would say is a REALLY FAST RACE CAR:)

7. Lucky- to have Sean and Patrick, the rest of my family, friends and all of you too
8. Live- learning to live each day to the fullest, not taking things for granted, and taking each day one day at a time
9. Love- being able to find someone to love and someone to be in love with

10. Laugh- learning to laugh, it is a great stress reliever that we all need help with, at least I do

Okay so that was harder than I thought and I am sure everyone else could think of other things or words that start with the letter L. Tell me about it. And/or if you are interested in playing let me know and I will send you a LETTER.
This was fun!


Following Him said...

Geez...that was hard. I want to play...go ahead and send me a lucky letter!

Lori said...

that is great! hard when you are forcing yourself to think of the words! love your list though!

Kiera Beth said...

What a fun game - I would play. Go ahead and send me a letter!!

I love your list and the Lion picture!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Nicely done!

Erin said...

Thanks ladies!

rachael said...

oh, how fun!

Abby said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for stopping be my blog. The doc suggested Feeding therapy after Milo lost weight at his 1 year appt. He was never chubby but that put him in a very low percentile and after I told her about how he would refuse food and tantrum at every meal she suggested feeding therapy to help get us through it so he could start gaining weight again. We were at a complete loss as to how to help him so we needed the direction. It really has helped too. He has been going for two weeks now and he has started drinking milk and eating some foods without crying, screaming and spitting it out. It's also helped me to figure out how to help him through the food refusals. I have learned to work with a rewards based feeding program that works for him.

When we got him evaluated they checked for muscle or never problems that might be making it hard for him to eat. That didn't end up being his problem (he is just extremely picky and sensitive to texture) but they said that it's more common than people realize and it's usually the reason kids get into feeding therapy in the first place.

Hope this helps.

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Send me a letter! I'm up for the challenge :)

Ellen said...

Fun! Max would have chosen "Lightening McQueen" too, he is obsessed with him! We have watched that movie dozens of times. My sister just emailed us to say it was going to be on TV this week and Dave was like, "Great! Now we can see it for the 15,437th time!" I have an L to add, and that is "Lard butt" because I ate too much stuffing on Thanksgiving. :)

Erin said...

LOL lard butt:) We watch that movie weekly! Once it ends he wants to start it over again

boys will be boys