Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our first visit at the dentist

So today we went to see the dentist for the first time. I was way more nervous than Sean was and he did MUCH better than I thought he was going to do.

He didn't run away, cry, fight, or anything I expected him to do. He was a little social butterfly talking to all of the nurses, and charming them. Everyone loved him and couldn't believe he was 2 1/2.

They were shocked on how well he behaved. So his eye tooth and front tooth are bruised, we couldn't figure out why they were a different color, but those are the two teeth he chipped when he fell when he first started to walk.

All of his other teeth were great, and his two last molars on top are on there way in. I will be so happy once all of his teeth are finally in.

I told him that if he was a good boy we could go to target and pick out a toy. I was expected like a Disney car, or Thomas the train. No mommy I want a house.... the little people house. I told him I am not sure if they have any we will have to check.

Well we went and looked and he walked down every aisle until he found the little people house and once he did he said mommy I get this because I was good at dentist.

I said don't you want a train, or a car, no MOMMY, I WANT HOUSE. I said we don't yell or talk back. But mommy I talk back to you I talk to you. He was so confused he thought I was saying he can not talk back to me while we were talking. That is going to be an ongoing saga that is for sure.

Well we ended up getting the little people house and since we got he has not stopped playing with it. He loves the Little People and it is great for him to use his imagination and I find it so cute that he is so obsessed with playing with it.

So overall the dentist was a great experience for all of us and I am so happy it went the way it did. Now if the eye doctor goes the same way next week we will have to see...........


rachael said...

happy thanksgiving!

Erin said...

Thanks you too!

Ellen said...

That's so great! I know, we're always worried about how our kids will do with these doctors, and then sometimes they amaze you. For us, Max has stopped freaking out about going to the doctor, but keeps crying at the dentist. We went last Saturday, and he sat on Dave's lap the entire time.

Enjoy today!

Erin said...

I know Sean amazes me all of the time!

Kiera Beth said...

Congrats on getting him to the dentist. That and the eye doctor are next on our list of places we need to schedule little dude appointments at. I think I am going to wait until January to get through this holiday zoo!

Anonymous said...

Great Erin ! Glad it all went well at the dentist . Too funny about the little peoples house :)