Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas wish lists and must haves

So someone asked me to put together a list of toys that we love and Sean loves so I decided to do just that and add our wish list too.

A few must haves that Sean got last Christmas. Keep in mind a lot of things we got and wish for also help Sean with what his therapist are working on. Sorry if it is to long.

Must haves:

1. Oreo Cookie Matchin middle game. Who doesn't love oreos? This game you have to use BOTH hands to pull the cookie apartment. Not only does that help for therapy, there are different shapes inside the cookie so you can learn your shapes and match up which shapes go together. Sean loves it.

2. Baby connects- great for using both hands, by building, stacking, pulling apart and much more. We used these at therapy too.

3. Melissa and Doug Big knob puzzles. These are great for Sean's weaker side because he can do it one handed while we can hold down or distract his better hand.

4. Fisher price Piggy Bank great for working with certain hand grasps, colors, counting, hand eye coordination, this is a great toy

5. Fisher price peekaboo blocks great for grasping, stacking.

6. Step 2 Sand and Water table great for learning it is okay to get dirty and touch dry and wet sand helps with sensory touching

7. Books- Sean loves Mr Brown can moo can you (so cute), Go Dog Go, (read every night) of course Good night moon, and the classic Brown Bear Brown Bear

8. Play dough, finger paint, brushes, coloring books and crayons. Great stocking stuffer

9. Water toys, our favorites are his water drum tub time drums, bath tub letters and numbers

10. My first mega blocks Sean still plays with these over and over again.

Wish list:

1. Feed the animals fine motor games we feed the puppy at therapy it helps develop hand eye coordination, and helps fine motor skills by using the tweezers to put the food in the animals mouth.

2. Giant ABC beads helps reinforce letter recognition, colors, spelling words and much more. This can be used in many different ways for a long time. Helps with grasping and hand eye coordination too.

3. Games Games and More Games Animal Color Bingo great for listening, learning and acting another great one The Very Hungry Caterpillar or the Hungry Hungry Hippo and of course Little Einstein Memory

4. Fruit and Veggie Cut Ups another toy that can last awhile. Sean loves cutting the fruit at therapy. You can cut it our use both hands and pull it apart and both hands putting it back together:)

5. Melissa and Doug Big Knob puzzles same reason as above:)

6. Nuts and Bolts great for using both hands in both directions this one Sean loves at therapy too

7. Little People Airport- great for imaginary play

8. Therapy putty this is great for sensory and strengthening too. Sean's therapist puts treasures inside and he needs to push and push to get them out. Treasures as marbles, pennies, beads, etc.

9. Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler- this is great for having fun and not worry about being bare foot in the grass

10. Step 2 teeter totter great for working tummy muscles and working on balance


North Dakota Ward's said...

THANKS!!! This will really help me!

Erin said...

No problem:) Glad I could help

Barbara said...

This post was a great idea. I have many of the toys you listed. You've also given me a lot of good ideas - thank you!