Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Barf-Mas

So I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and or Happy Holidays.

You got it we are celebrating a very Merrry Barf-Mas. Sean was up all night puking. He puked all over his bed and himself, it was even in his ears:( around midnight, clean him off, took his pj's and linens. Gave him a nice long warm bath. Got him dressed again, went into our extra bedroom and read books. As I was walking out of the room he puked again all over this bed.

Got him undressed, and cleaned again, changed clothes again. Went in the bathroom and sat there for awhile. We then went downstairs on the couch to watch some tv (Thomas the train) and cuddled in a blanket. He sure enough about to barf again. I got up and ran into the kitchen to the sink but didn't get there in time and puke was all over me and him.

Patrick came and got him undressed and cleaned up again new pj's again. I went to go change and clean up. Poor little guy. We than went back to the couch to watch more Thomas and a few mins later he had to puke but we got him into the kitchen in time and near the sink. This time he didn't get it on his pj's or us:) He than dry heaved a few times. My poor little man.

He finally stopped puking around 2:30 am I was up till 3 AM and than went to bed and Patrick woke me up at 9 this morning. I am so tired, Sean is tired, and Patrick is tired. Sean slept on the couch from about 4 am to 9 so at least he got some sleep.

This was not what I wanted for Christmas, but I know it could be worse and I am thankful and grateful for everything I have. At least it will be memorable:)

Although we won't be able to go the family parties tonight or tomorrow we can have our own family party hear with the three of us.

So HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Love to you all~


rachael said...

oh no, poor little guy! i hope it is just a 24 hour thing and he feels better soon! merry christmas! enjoy your intimate celebration!

sarah said...

Ugh, poor Sean (and poor you!). I hope he's feeling better and that you guys can enjoy the holiday. Stay warm and Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

Oh no!! I hope Sean feels better, that sounds miserable! This darn stomach bug is really getting around!! Merry Christmas!

Ellen said...

Ick. I'm sorry, hope all is calm and all is right as you read this. I have to say, Merry Barf-Mas made me laugh.

Kiera Beth said...

Oh no! Poor little guy (and poor parents!) I hope that he feels better!