Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Boy Bike

So life has been so hectic lately that I have not much time to blog. I feel like life is busier now that I am not working not sure how that works.
But just wanted to check in and give an update on how life is going around here.

Sean continues to amaze us daily my dad got Sean a bike last summer for a garage sale and than for his birthday he got training wheels. My mom and dad watched him a few days last week when I had a few meetings, and job fairs.

I came home and he was outside riding his bike his BIG BOY BIKE with training wheels all by himself. I had tears in my eyes I know the training wheels helps with the stability but he can get on and off the bike himself and he can steer and ride in round and round.

We drew a fake road on our driving with chalk and it had stops signs, and go signs and he was driving on the road it was too cute. My camera only let me take one picture and than it died and it has rained every day since or has been to cold to be outside to get more pictures but here is the one I did get.

As for the potty training front we have gone about 25 times in the last 7 days but it isn't something I am pushing because he is tending to hold it now longer and than go and explode during nap time or bedtime so maybe he just isn't ready yet so we will see how the next week goes and take it from there.

As for the job front still looking, still applying, not to much out there but I know there is something it is just finding it or it finding me, please continue to pray thanks so much.

As for the seizures there has not been anymore activity that I have seen and I feel I would see it more now that he is home with me for a half a day each day.

As for school he is doing great he loves getting on and off the bus, he is still hitting, pushing, crying a lot at school but we are working on it and it has gotten much better.

Sean has decided to not eat anymore. I know he has so much going on that he would rather be doing but for example today he only ate
breakfast 1/2 banana, and a 4oz yogurt, water

lunch 1/2 peanut butter jelly sandwich, 1/2 cup milk

dinner 3 bites of chicken squares, 1/2 cup milk

That is so little, but he is a big boy so I am not to worried but it is unlike him normally he eats a lot. But the last few weeks I notice he has eaten a lot less.

As for being home with each other we both love it. He is on spring break this week so it is a crazy week. Today we went to the library and played on the computer, played in the Thomas hut, and checked out a bunch of books. Tomorrow we are playing with Amanda and Leah at Kohl's Children's Museum which should be a lot of fun. Thursday we have therapy and on Friday we are going to attempt to get his 3 year old/spring/Easter so wish us luck I may need it.

Here is the ever so cute picture of my big boy on his BIG BOY BIKE.


Ellen said...

He looks so cute on that bike! GOOO, SEAN! I am sorry you haven't yet had luck with getting work, it is tough out there. I will send positive vibes your way.

I am glad Sean hasn't had more seizures, that school is good and potty training is progressing, this is something we are trying with Max too but we are not being commando about it. It's taking a very long time. He does better at school than he does at home, because he knows we'll change him.

OK, take care.

Popcorn House said...

That is such a great picture! Thanks for the update. Keep us posted!

jag said...

OH! Is he cute or what?! He really is an amazing boy! I continue to pray for both of you! Thanks for the picture. I know you only got the one, but it's a keeper!

Chele said...

WTG! Sean! He's so darn cute.

Glad to hear he hasn't been having many seizures and it progressing with the potty training and likes school. He's had a lot of firsts the last couple of months and is doing great adapting to them.

Sending you major +++++ vibes that you will find a great job or it will find you. Enjoy your time as a sahm.

sarah said...

I can't believe he's riding a big boy bike already!! We were thinking of getting Avery a tricycle for her birthday--and I'm afraid she'll fall off that! Wow, we are WAY behind!

Rachael said...

wow, a big boy bike! that is awesome! he looks so darn cute on it too :)

Kiera said...

Wow! He looks wonderful on the bike! Thanks for the update about what has been going on. I am thinking of you and hoping that the job search goes OK.

I am so impressed with everything that Sean has been doing!

Keep us posted!