Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potty Training Help

So I need everyones opinion on the so much talked about topic of POTTY TRAINING.

Okay so I think Sean is really ready.

He tells us he needs a diaper change with both pee and poopy.

He will go lay down and asked to be changed.

He holds it for a couple of hours at a time.

He wakes up most mornings dry.

We put him on the potty every morning that he is dry and he goes most of the time.

He will tell us sometimes that he has to go potty and we put him on there and he goes.

So all those cues and things makes me feel he is ready............................. but

He holds it in sometimes and won't go on the potty and say his tummy hurts (from holding it) so we know he has to go.

Should we do the whole Pull Up thing or straight to Big Boy Undies?

He sometimes fights us about going on the potty. A few months ago he would go all of the time and than we tried big boy pants and he went them and than refused to go on the potty and wanted diapers....................

So I don't want to push him if he is NOT ready but there are so many more signs showing he IS ready?

What is your opinion?


Chele said...

He sounds ready to me. One thing to remember is he won't consistently get it right for a year or so. I used both little boy underwear and pull ups. If we were staying home we used the underwear if we were going out we used pull ups. At night, we used pull ups.

One thing that got my youngest son peeing in the potty all the time was we through a few cheerios/fruit loops in the potty and he'd try to hit them while peeing. lol! It worked and once he was in the habit of going we got away from that.

Good Luck!

Amanda said...

Ok, here is my 2 yr old preschool teacher advice (since I haven't been in the situation as a Mommy yet!). Anyway, skip the pull ups...I think they don't add anything to potty training.

I say stay home a couple of days, put him in underwear, take him to the bathroom often and prepare yourself for accidents. But if you stay on top of him he should be ok.

Some kids also do well with a reward m&m after they go potty or a sticker chart.

Whatever you do, be consistent! Don't go from pull ups to underwear and then back to diapers. It's very confusing for little ones!

He definitly sounds like he is it's up to you to make that final push! :)

Good luck!!

Popcorn House said...

You have already gotten some great advice. I hate potty training. I really, really do. It is so hard to do. The hard part for me is that when they have an accident you can't be mad at them, when you actually are kind of mad. I always act put off by the accident to show them that it isn't ok to wet their pants, but after 15 accidents you are kind of mad. EXPECT those accidents the first few days, then it gets better. Till you venture OUT! Then new obstacles come, but it works out. Once Sammy gets his cast off (CIMT) we will be potty training him too. Then I will be DONE with potty training!!! Good luck.

Rachael said...

i am by no means an expert, but i would try with the big boy undies 1st. and if that doesn't work you can always switch to pull-ups. good luck!

sarah said...

I say put him in real undies and see how it goes. If you work on it for a week or something and he's still having accidents, I'd say wait a little longer and try again later. No need to push, but you might as well see if he's ready.

jag said...

Oh girl! I have NO advice on this one. Thinking of you though!

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

Sounds ready to me. I am no help! I am in NEED of help! Neither of my babies is potty trained- I'm thinking this summer when they will both be home with me (minus therapy) we can go on an intensive potty training program!!!!
Good luck! Please post any tips/tricks you learn along the way!!!