Thursday, March 5, 2009

no naps, painful recovery, mud, but loving it

So Sean has been doing pretty well this week and adjusting with me being home with him after school the only struggle we are having is that I am in TONS of pain from the surgery and Sean has decided he doesn't want or need a nap.... anymore.

The only day he has napped this week was the day I had surgery and my dad watched him all day. Today was a beautiful day out and still is so we played outside for a little while hoping it would make Sean tired, but no such luck. I will be going to bed early tonight.

Well mud is for the dog he is covered in mud when he comes in an it is very hard for me to bend over to clean his paws off so that is irritating me a lot.
But here are some pictures from today! I have truly enjoyed every extra moment I get to spend with Sean but mommy needs a nap and to rest so I can stop bleeding!

Tonight we have open house at Sean's school to we have to go to so it is going to be a long evening with no naps:)


Popcorn House said...

Sorry that you are in so much pain! Keep us posted on that. And sorry for the no naps. We have "quiet time" at our house. So Joseph (3) and Anna (4) have time in their beds reading or playing quietly. Sammy still naps. I need that time. They have to stay in their bed unless they need to go to the bathroom. Just an idea. Joseph will take a few cars with him to play with, and Anna "reads" her books or plays quietly with her babies. GOOD LUCK!

Amanda said...

I hope you feel better soon, Erin! Recovery is hard in itself, let alone with a little one! Take it easy!

jag said...

Oh Erin... I'm praying for you guys. I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. Those pictures of Sweet Sean sure were precious!

Chele said...

3rd and 4th days after any of my surgeries have been the most painful. After that I felt measurably better each day until I did something stupid and decide to clean my floors on my hands and knees.

Take it easy and enjoy your time with Sean. He has a smile that is so contagious.

Hang in there!

Ellen said...

A speedy recovery to you, Erin. Rest easy, let everyone else pitch in.

Beautiful photos.

Christine said...

Uh oh not a great time to be giving up the daytime naps, I hope your getting the rest you need to make a successful recovery.
Take care