Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blood work, EEG, and ice cream

Well on Tuesday we went to try and get the blood work done on Sean and they poked him twice once in each arm and it didn't work because he kept moving and would not calm down or sit still. But what 2 year old does sit still and calm when there are needles coming his way. They told us to come back on Wednesday.

So we went yesterday afternoon, brought the paci, the binky (blanket), milk, and gold fish and started the process. They poke him twice and got some blood and than he moved and the needle moved from the vein. They didn't want to poke him again but I did not want to bring him back so we let him play and run around drink water from a big boy cup even though his shirt wore most of it. After a little while more we decided to try and get the last amount of blood we needed which was about 4 ml's so they decided to have him hold a warm pack in his hand and they poked his finger and got the remaining 4 ml's they needed. The funny think is he didn't react with the finger being pricked he was still his happy self and we are all glad that we won't have to go back for a while or at least we hope to not have too.

We went home and had dinner and since Sean was such a brave little boy, I decided to make him an ice-cream cone. I was very impressed on how he ate the ice cream and how he didn't mind the mess:) Which he normally does.

I then got a call from the pedi's office about the EEG and to call the number they gave me and they will tell me when it is scheduled for. It was after scheduling hours so I called today. I was going thru the process and they said that they had a cancellation and we can go tomorrow at 8 am have to be there by 7:30. I jumped on that because I just want to put more of these tests behind most parents do.

They told me that Sean is only able to sleep 4 hours tonight. How am I suppose to keep him awake.......... it is going to be a long night I believe but at least we will have most of the weekend to catch up on sleep. Wish us luck and send prayers.


From a soon to be sleep deprived mommy


Mommy07 said...

Good luck tomorrow...that is soooo tough that he can only sleep for 4 hours, wow!! I am sure you will be glad when all these tests are behind you, I feel the same way! I will keep you guys in my prayers!

Jen said...

I know how you feel to get tests done and over with. It can be so nerve wracking. I hope that your night isn't too rough, trying to keep him awake much of the night...hang in there and I'm sending prayers your way for the best!