Saturday, March 15, 2008

One step forward two steps back

One step forward two steps back….

Well I think Sean may have had a seizure this past week. He totally freaked me out. We were in the car, I was walking around to get him out of his car seat and he was completely spaced out. I was trying everything to get his attention or to move or to look at me. Nothing….then all of a sudden he looked at me his arms were moving all over the place and he was trying to talk about it was all gargled. It was the WORST min of my life my heart was pounding, I was crying and so overwhelmed.

I called the pedi and he asked me a couple of questions and said what it sounds like it may have been a seizure. I also asked him about what other things could be happening that are not as noticeable that I should be looking for. He said the more noticeable would be rolling of the eyes, losing consciousness; convulsing but some of the more unnoticeable things would be blank starring.

Blank starring??? We all do this, I do, Patrick does, and Sean does too. Well he said that when it happens does he respond to you if you call his name or try to get him to focus on other things. He doesn’t, when he spaces out he is in space or some where because he doesn’t respond to us if we say his name, tickle him, and try to get him to play with a different toy. He also sometimes acts like he is chewing when this happens. The pedi said that these type of mild seizures are very common in children who have had in-utero strokes.

So he suggested us to get an EEG done. We go on Monday St Patty’s day to talk about the EEG, to get our referral as well as going to be talking about all of the blood work Sean is going to go thru to make sure this isn’t something he is at risk for, for recurrent strokes and to see if it is genetic or not. Here are a few pictures of us playing outside this week it was almost 60 degrees here!

I will update more on Monday.


Mommy07 said...

My son had neonatal seizures at birth, to which we are yet to find a cause (they think it was possibly birth trauma or something along those lines).
Anyhow: I sympathize with your worry ( especially about future seizures!!) and I have been checking your blog and will keep you in my thoughts! Best of luck on Monday. I also blog:

Sarah said...

Hey, good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you guys. I didn't email you more specific questions because I think in all the emails we did back and forth covered everything I'd ask (MRI, MRA, EEG, EKG, full blood panel, etc).

By the way, Sean's use of his hands are AMAZING! I can't believe he can ride a bike and everything! Not sure when Avery will get close to doing that... But it's inspiring to see how great Sean's doing!