Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EEG & Blood Work & Sick

Here is a picture of our sick little bunny....................

I just got the results that there was no seizure activity during the EEG. But that it really didn't get us any where from where we were before the EEG. The pedi said that the results mean nothing since he was awake and moving the entire time. He was very mad that they did not sedate him even though he sent in a request to sedate him orally if needed. The nurse said she wasn't comfortable sedating him.

He said we are to write down every time we see him space out the date and time and if we see a lot of them we will redo the EEG. I should get a copy of the entire reading and notes from the neurologist who read them this weekend. The pedi is also going to send us to a pedi neurologist too just to see what his or her thoughts are too. He will be watched very carefully.

But right now I can not put him thru something like this again and maybe that makes me a bad mom, I am not sure but it is just to much in this short period of time. The MRI was one month ago from today. A lot has gone on.

As for the blood work...............

Most of them that have come back so far are okay but his protein tests showed something him and the pediatric hematologist did not like so we are being sent for two more tests. He said once we do the next ones we will know what to do from there. We are still waiting to hear back on other blood tests too that have not come back yet.

On top of all of this Sean is extremely sick he has had a fever of 104 or so some a little higher some a little lower since Sunday. Our Easter bunny was not feeling to great and is not eating he ate some apple sauce and a banana tonight and is barely drinking anything. The pedi said his throat and tonsils are inflamed but we came back negative for strep so we have to wait it out. The doc said if he doesn't have another two wet diapers by tomorrow AM we have to go there for a dehydration test.

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers on this emotional roller coaster.


Jen said...

I feel your frustration, I really do. there were times when Alison was getting test after test after test during a one month period..I don't know how many CT and PT scans she had ..but it was just TOO many,and I was just like NO MORE!!! It is so frustrating.

I am sorry your little Easter bunny is not feeling well, he looks so darn adorable , sick and all, in his photo with his easter bunny though! :)

Mommy07 said...

It's such a roller coaster of emotions isn't it???

It doesn't make you a bad mommy to not want to put your child through tons of testing, it just means you love him and don't want to see him distressed, sad, or upset!

Good luck with the upcoming blood work- poor Noah goes to the geneticist on Tuesday and I am going to be so sad seeing my little guy poked and prodded!