Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Well I got the results from the neurologist who read Sean's EEG. He basically said in normal people language that he moved to much, did not fall asleep, and they did not get a good reading. He did say based on the very little he could read from the EEG that Sean is within normal range for his age however the big quote of the day is, "less than confident in results and activity because of the movement....repeat necessary"

Well we are going to redo the EEG I just want to wait a little while because Sean is so scared of a lot of things and places now. The pedi said it is okay to wait a little while but I have to write down every time he spaces out and doesn't respond. I always watched him before but now I feel like I am looking ten times as hard.

This is so upsetting that we kept him up till midnight and woke him up at four and it didn't give us any NEW info. Sean is finally starting to feel better and acting himself and we have two more blood tests to follow up with as well.

Sean has gone thru so much in the last month it is crazy and the three of us just need a break. (Sean says it all in this pic..back away mommy and daddy and let me play~)

We are going to attempt to do the additional blood work this weekend. I just want to make sure he is not going to get sick again. I know all of this needs to get done and it will but it is SO hard to see Sean get so upset about what is getting done it is heart breaking to hear, see, and feel. But his smile and laughter makes my heart melt as well.

Sean played outside tonight since it was about 55 degrees and he loved it. I can not wait for the spring and summer to come. We are going to have so much fun this spring he loves playing outside. Sean and mommy say goodnight for now

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Anonymous said...

Aw hang in there Erin. You're doing the right thing--just give Sean (and yourselves!) some recouperating time. And we all hate sedating our kids, but maybe they can give him a half dose--enough that would help him sleep if he was already tired? That might make it go a lot smoother next time and they could give it to him right when you arrived so he doesn't have time to panick about being there.

BTW, those pictures are SO FREAKING cute!!!