Sunday, April 13, 2008

117 days.....August 7th, 2008

You may ask what August 7th is.

This is a picture Sean colored for our anniversary.

Well August 7th, is 117 days away not only is it my moms birthday and Sean's 1/2 birthday. But that is when we are going to meet the pedi. neurologist at the children's hospital at Loyola. Yes I know 117 days is not long to many but it is to most. It is when I will get more answers to my entire notebook worth of questions.

I have so many I started a notebook so I will have them already when we get to go. I have never hoped for a day to come because it would mean Sean would be older but this is one day I wish could be tomorrow. I have so much stress, emotion, frustration, anger, sad, and worries about all that has happened. I just can't wait for the day to come so I can get more answers, maybe not all of them but at least I can get some.

We are on the wait list so if there are any cancellations they will call us but I am sure the wait list is long as well.

We have finally told everyone or almost everyone in the family and they are all really supportive which is very helpful. And Sean is my reminder everyday that he is going to be okay. Just seeing him smile, laugh, walk, run reminds me after all he has been thru he is doing great.


Mommy07 said...

I too "count" down the days to appointments and then feel guilty as if I am rushing my son's life away. We meet with the geneticist on April 28th and while I can't wait to hear "he is just fine", I am scared that they will be saying something different. I am just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy the journey. Your notebook is a good idea, I always have soooo many questions and forget to ask them as soon as I get there!

Anonymous said...

I think the notebook thing is a great idea , it seems like forever im sure until you will get your appointment . Sorry that the EEG didnt give results , what a pain .Thinking of you . Ant