Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New hobby made with LOVE and blood work results

I thought of a new hobby today and I made my first one tonight. I of course made if for Sean and it is of course of Thomas the Tank because he is Sean's favorite.

Yep here is a picture of my finished product. I went to the store and bought 1.5 yards of blue fleece and 1.5 yards of Thomas the Tank material and here it is. It took me a few ties to figure out how it should go but I am very proud of myself and it kept my mind off of things for a little while.

I love crafts and scrap booking and I just need to make time to do these things more often. I also realized today that not ever call from the doc is a bad call. We got a call today stating that all of Sean's blood work looks great. They said the pedi neurologist may recommend other tests but we don't see him until August 7th.

Well I just wanted to show my finished blanket and now I am off to get ready for bed since I have to work in the morning. I can't wait until Sean sees it. I know it is not perfect but it is made with lots of LOVE

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