Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pedi Orthopedic... Bare Feet

Well we went to see DR for pedi orthopedic about Sean because he is in toeing when he walks. His therapist recommended us to go because of the weakness on the right side.

So we went and our appointment was at 12 and we left at 2:30 the doc was behind which was hard to keep Sean occupied and from falling asleep since he naps around 1:30. But we managed and she assessed him. She had him walk around, go up on his toes, streching him, playing his feet, legs, back, reaching, hips and much more.
She said his hips and feet look good which is great. She also said that his tendons are weak which is causing him to in toe. She said we could put him in braces where he would have to wear them all of the time but she said it would slow him down with everything else so for now we are going to wait and see. She thinks he will out grow it once his muscles get stronger.

She kept mentioning CP and I was confused after she mentioned it the third time and I said why do you keep mentioning CP and she said that the medical term of Sean's right side weakness is a form of CP. Someone mentioned this to me earlier today so I was not completely shocked but I still was a little. She said the pedi neurologist will tells us more when we see them about everything and the stroke. So now I will be googling the two together and probably driving myself more insane.

She also mentioned to have him always bare foot in the house and the grass this summer because it will put pressure and sensation in his feet and will help his sensory issues. It will interesting to see what he will do on the grass bare foot this year. Last summer he wouldn't do it, he cried and cried until you picked him up. All we can do is try and try a little bit at a time.

It truly will be baby steps with his sensory stuff because if you push him to far out of his comfort zone he won't even be willing to try it the next time.

So one more doc down for now or at least till next year:) These pictures are from last weekend. This weekend we are suppose to get SNOW........... yep SNOW in April......... that is the midwest for you.


Christine said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for the encouraging note. I ended up going to a pedi clinic near by and they put me at ease. Apparently the h-influenza is usually accompanied by conjunctivitis and as Gabi is up to date w/ her immunizations..meningitis is not likely..phheewww. Okay soo I just realized the post I wrote on your blog never went through..I had written a comment on Seans EEG post. I wanted to let you know that when I was young I actually had minor form of epilepsy (only displayed 1 seizure) but I outgrew it by the age of 8 and that there are so many ways to control seizures nowadays. But it sounds like Sean is going to be fine. I would bet with the new eeg the results will be in the normal range as well. It's so stressful making our kids do all of these tests but as a child I don't recall any negative thoughts about the eeg test myself. After a while I began thinking those rainbow cords and eeg graphs were kind of fun :) Thanks again for the note :)Talk to you later

Anonymous said...

Aw, he is SO cute and cool in those shades! I'm glad you guys are getting more and more answers. Every doctor's appointment is a milestone because we get more and more info than ever before. And I agree, barefeet and grass should be interesting with our kiddos this summer!