Monday, April 7, 2008

My Little Picasso...............

My Little Picasso....................

So we had a fun filled weekend with beautiful weather. On Friday night we went on a long walk with grandma. We practiced jumping okay at least tried to jump and kicking a ball.

On Saturday we went and did the remaining of Sean’s blood tests they took 4 tests tubes of blood yep you read that right 4 test tubes. He was hysterical daddy was holding him while I talked and held him still with 2 nurses and the other nurse taking the blood. It took two pokes and we got all of the blood with the second poke.

After that was over we went to Target and let him walk around with us and let him pick out a few things. He picked out sunglasses, some new bubbles, and chalk.

We then went to see Miss Jenny for therapy at the clinic and then came home to play outside. We rode our big wheel, ran around the back yard and blew more bubbles.

Yesterday we went on a long walk just the three of us and went to the park and played on the swings, the slides, in the rocks and all over the place.

Sean played with chalk and colored a lot of our driveway and him self. We had a very fun weekend which made us all happy.

In the mist of everything we are going to be adding another doc to Sean’s list. Sean is walking pigeon toed and his PT Miss Sarah wants us to go see a pediatric orthopedic so we are waiting on the pedi to call us with the referral.

I have also noticed Sean spacing out more too so I am waiting to get a referral for a pedi neurologist too. So lots more docs to go but we are all doing okay at the moment because of the nice weather.


Mommy07 said...

I am glad you are in good spirits, the weather helps a ton doesn't it? I feel very good lately myself and I am sure Spring has something to do with it! Hope all goes well with Seans bloodwork, we are waiting on Noah's as well. Heres to hoping for happier summer days ahead!

Sarah said...

It's so true that the weather makes such a difference! And at least the blood work is one more thing you can check off the list. Did you ever contact Mary Kay from CHS Connections for a pedi neuro referral? I know she's got a great list. Oh, and the pics of Sean in his sunglasses is SO cute!

RebeccaMA said...

A day at the doctors offices etc always deserves a few treats from Target! Glad you are hanging in there. Sorry you are having to add another specialist to your life. Hopefully with the nice weather and being able to play outside, Sean will perk up a little. Good luck!