Monday, March 17, 2008

Sean said I LOVE YOU

Well we went to the pedi today and he is sending us for an EEG to check Sean for any seizure activity. He said from what we were describing and talking about he thinks we may see something. But that is the only way to know for sure. Sean was not a very happy guy at the pedi today. This picture was taking tonight when we got home as you can see still not to happy but still so cute!

He said that absence seizures are VERY common in children with in-utero strokes and it is better to know now and to create a treatment plan if needed.

We are also going to be doing a lot of blood work I just need to call and set up an appointment at the hospital. We are going to check for blood clotting disorders and lots of other things.

I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST PATTY'S day.

So next step blood tests and EKG. It is so scary to have to put our toddler thru all of these tests but it is worth it because at least we may have a chance of knowing and or being able to prevent from happening again.

Knowledge is very powerful but very scary and frigtening all at the same time. Make sure you hug and kiss your little ones very tight.

Sean said I LOVE YOU mommy and I LOVE YOU daddy tonight those are the best words any proud mommy and daddy could hear!

Last but not least Sean says kiss me because I'm Irish


Mommy07 said...

I know tests are so scary! On one hand you want to know, and on the other you are AFRAID of what you may find out. Best of luck and happy St.Patty's Day!

Jen said...

just had to say how completely handsome Sean is.. love his St. Patty's outfit too..SOOO cute!!

I agree, knowledge is power. No matter how scary that is, (and I can totally understand).

I cannot WAIT until Alison can say "I love you" , aww! I am sure that is the sweetest sound ever!!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad the pedi appointment went well! I know the tests are scary, but in the long-run you'll be happy you did them so you can protect Sean and help him lead the healthiest, safest life possible.

His speech is SO good! Avery only says one two-word phrase...and it's not "love you"--yet!