Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr, ER, Breathing Treatments, Dr, and more

So we are sick in our house Sean has strep throat on Sunday evening he had a fever of 103.2 and on Monday morning I called the pedi he brought us in looked him over did a rapid strep test and it was positive.

Started the meds and his fever kept coming back, his cough got worse and we started to wheeze. By Tuesday night he was wheezing and having problems breathing. His nostrils were flaring so we called the pedi and he sent us to the children's ER.

We got to the ER they took his temp it was over 102.8 with the forehead test, they gave him meds it went down, took us for a chest xray which he was a complete angel for (I was shocked since past experience with the chest xray were not so good)

After his chest xray we had to wait awhile and he was getting sleepier and sleepier mind you it was past bed time at this point. We finally got called back and they measured his breathing and it was at 92 and they want it above 95 so they had the therapist come in and give a breathing treatment while we sat and watched Thomas. He did great for most of the first treatment but after that it was nearly impossible but after four of us held him down he started to cooperate.

He then got albetural (sp) and oral pred. which giving to a child late at night was not a good mixture. He didn't go to sleep until after midnight and I had to get up with him every four hours to give a breathing treatment and he has been taking 5 different meds everyday now since and is starting to go stir crazy here in our house.

He has strep throat, viral bronchitis (sp), fever, runny nose, cough, he won't eat but at least he will drink Gatorade but only red.

Yesterday we went back to the doc for a follow up and he is still wheezing, fever, cough and etc is it ever going to end?


mandy said...

Erin, I am so sorry to hear that! Least he was good for the x-rays. I will be praying for you guys!

Chele said...

Oh no! Poor Sean and family. That particular strep virus seems to be going around, I hope Sean recovers quickly. Hugs and healing vibes.

Chele said...

How's Sean doing? PT and PP!

Ellen said...

Hi. We are in Florida, I am wired, so sitting here in the middle of the night, catching up on blogs which I haven't been able to because of Max's own sickness. I AM SO SORRY about Sean's seizure and subsequent sickness. It's all bad, but the seizure is just the worst. I was literally just lying in bed, recreating the whole nightmare last Monday, picturing Max waking up screaming when his seizure started. I know that growth spurts can trigger them--it's why I'd figured Max might not have another seizure till he was a teen, especially since he was on Trileptal. I am still not completely clear why the Trileptal didn't prevent a seizure. Anyway, I hope as you read this Sean is better. We are off on the cruise today.