Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a stroke survivor

Here is Sean attempting to say I'm A STROKE SURVIVOR! It is to cute but I am biased:) I tried to get him to blow a kiss too. The first video he is clearer. This was taken today.

Take 1


Take 2


I am going to attempt something like this when I send emails out to collect funds for the Heart/Stroke Walk this Fall.



jag said...

OH MY GOSH! That was the cutest thing EVER! He stole my heart with the kisses!

Jen said...

So adorable!!!! And, I love the kisses! What an amazing and handsome little man you have there :)

Rachael said...

the video is adorable! he is such a handsome little guy!

Amanda said...

SOOO cute!!

Leah was watching the videos with me and she was blowing Sean kisses!!! Lol!

Popcorn House said...

He is so cute! I love his little voice!

Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

What a cutie! Yes, he'd definitely make a good salesman when you collect funds.

Erin said...

Thanks ladies!

Chele said...

LOL! So very cute. I also loved the kisses.