Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Boy Underwear Day 5

So Sean has been wearing big boy underwear for five days now.

On Saturday he went all day accident free

On Sunday he went all day accident free

On Monday he went all day accident free

On Tuesday he went to school, told the teacher he had to go potty, and had a slight (few dribbles) on the bus ride home. No other accidents the rest of the day

Today he went all day accident free till this afternoon and he peed all over the place and than cried and said he still had to go potty and than went poop on the potty and the rest of the night accident free.

Question is I know accidents happen but is he not ready for this? Some people are telling me that he is not ready if he has already had two accidents. He just forgets some times especially when he is playing and really into something.

What do you think. I think he is ready he normally always tells us he has to go. He pees and poops on the potty no problem.

So what do you think? Continue with the big boy underwear or go back to pull ups?


Popcorn House said...

TOTALLY ready! I only had one child not have random accidents. The other three would seem to get a handle on the whole concept. Then add in a new toy or playing outside and boom accidents again.

Honestly, when ever you try he will have accidents. Don't make a big deal about them, just make him clean himself up (as much as possible! Haven't trained a hemi kid yet remember!). That seems to really help our kiddos have fewer and fewer then none at all.

Him going poop on the potty is HUGE! That took my kids a bit longer. Keep up the great work!

Live to love and laugh said...

Sounds like he is motivated so I would say he is ready.
Accidents happen when you are a busy boy!
Our 13 year old was not ready and I pushed him. Big regrets. It was so frustrating for me.
When a child is ready, upsetting accidents will happen but it is so much easier to offer support and go on.
The fact he is pooping is great. That seems to have been the biggest challenge for the oldest five.
But GOOD JOB!!!! Hang in there big guy. Mommy will get it soon. :)

The Andersons said...

He is so ready! The fact that he has had two accidents is not a major deal. They are still getting used to knowing when they have enough time and when they don't. I've been "training" my almost 3 year old child since december and have finally gotten rid of diapers at night! She has since had accidents two of the past six mornings. They happen. The more he tries the better he will do! Good luck.

Mommy07 said...

I am obviously not there yet in terms of potty training but I think he is doing great, I would keep it up!!!

Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

In my opinion, Sean is so ready! He went three whole days without an accident - that means he definitely gets the idea. Unless he starts having frequent accidents (every day for days in a row), I would keep at it. Sometimes kids do regress, and it's not a big deal. Daniel potty trained a few months before he turned two, but he regressed for a couple of weeks just before his third birthday (we think due to the fact that he was upset about his Grandpa's death). If that happens, there's nothing wrong with putting him back in diapers for a few weeks. But I really don't think that's the case, as it sounds like he's doing an awesome job with the potty. Go Sean, go!

Amanda said...

I think he is totally ready!!

Hang in there he'll get it soon enough!!! Good job, Erin!!! He's doing great!

We had so much fun with you guys the other day!! We'll do it again soon!!

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